Dragon 391 - Monster Hunters of Athas: Glory and Wealth from the Wastelands

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DnDi_Large.pngDragon 391
Monster Hunters of Athas: Glory and Wealth from the Wastelands

by Chris Sims

In the bleakness of Athas, opportunity exists only where the bold seek it and take it. Those who wish to remain free avoid political struggles and the risks of crime. They instead sell sword and spell for wealth and glory. Countless such mercenaries people the city-states. A few among these free warriors find their fortunes by facing the horrors of the wastes. Hunters live boldly, seeking out danger and traveling far from the oppression of city authorities.

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Its a nice fluff piece. And the more Dark Sun articles I get, the happier I am!
Good article. I would like to see more of the Athasian weapons that have not yet been covered.

This article will likely again start discussion on the LFR boards, since it does not state that the Scars (or anything else) are not a player resource for that living campaign. While I would think it obvious, this stuff causes confusion.

That aside, I wonder if Scars should be treated as a tattoo or if they are just a slotless bonus. They lack balance if they do not fade as Divine Boons do and also do not occupy a slot.

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If these are what rare items are going to look like, color me unimpressed.  Mediocre daily power + okay properties does not inspire awe.
I think someone already mentioned somewhere that the Nightmare Tongue Dust is the wrong price for a consumable item. But I think it needs mentioning in this thread. Still nice to see the continued support for the Dark Sun setting, a nice article.
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