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I just want to say that after not being on this website very long time. I think the last time I was on the website was a few days after 4th edition's release. Wizards, I am glad to be returning to the site and really taking in all the various changes. However my LGS have been closed down due to various issues with the local economics and other problems. I have tried some other hobbies and found that they were either too tough to get into or too clique-ish. However I have not given up hope and picked up the manuals again and decided to pick up dungeon delving again. I am usally now not around to sit in a store or other places of gaming due to graduate filed work, but I need a place to go and foget about everything, hence I would like to ask a question.

"I am looking for a play group for D&D and did not know if anyone was looking for anyone new?"

I have:
3.5-4th edition manuals

I am currently looking for a group of regular players. feel free to PM on this site if anyone is willing to work something out.

Hey, Me and friend and another firned has set up a gaming group we host at times everyday.
We just started (but im experienced in 4e, the dm is experienced in many years  and another too is just a player, um im gonna send u an pm)

We love to have you in our game, we won't be playing on Post By Play.

WE'll playing on MSN LIVE, with voice chat. Be sure to make a differnet or new acc for privacy issues as we all have.

I going to send am essage to you right now. So please wait a moment.

once again, thank yo for reading this and hope you are interested.

Msn DnD Campgisn (dw, we got teh story and all that covered, we just need players)
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