Executioner Assassin Legal for Encounters S3?

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Organizers: Assess the desires of your store community and balance that with the ability to remain accessible to new players.

If players are asking for content specifically designed to enhance the books spotlighted during this season, you should feel empowered as the organizer to let your players use it as you see fit, given the spirit of the rules. Therefore, something that directly supports the mage (for example, the pyromancy school) should be fine. The executioner is a little trickier, but it clearly is an Essentials-style build, so that's probably OK, too.

The intent is to keep things in a classic sort of feel, and support the two Player's Essentials books throughout the season. So please keep that in mind when making a decision on what additional Dragon Magazine content you'll let your players access. We'll have more information on integrating Dragon content soon. 

Thanks for chiming in, Chris. 

Great answer Chris Tulach: use your eyes, ears and brain and make a reasonable call while staying true to the vision of essentials. It is about having fun and inclusiveness and getting the most out of the game, while adding just a dash of the old-school vibe of Essentials for taste. (the assassin was featured first in the 1E DMG, albeit as a NPC.)

If your party is a group of middle schoolers who dont know the difference between a magic-user and a cleric, the assassin is probably not a good addition.

If you are playing with a group of mature adults who know DnD, or a mixed group, then it is probably ok.

Personally, at my table the rule is that if the person has an assassin PC ready to go, has a copy of the article itself on hand, and has some role playing experience, then yes I will let him play the assassin with a mild warning that I wont hesitate to over-rule and discrepencies I see in the "play-test"  but it hasnt come up.

Im half tempted to roll one up and Have it on hand.
Wielding a Bohemian Ear Spoon can be fun and informative.
Well all of us at our Wed game night are Vet D&D players.. a few tried to bring in some.. Eh HEM..CB toons..DM caught it quick.. but everyone else at our table made Essential Toons from the ground up (My wife wanted to redo the Sun Cleric so she did that.. made her to a dwarf etc etc but still sticking to essentials)..and I did a Mage, but also had a essential assassin made and the DM ok'd it (great way to playtest it.. Now if I was a newbie I am sure he wouldnt but we know each other at our table fairly well).

All in all It went down the middle..either side could have won.. and peeps really REALLY need to know what their characters can do.   

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