Renown Points Season 3 - very difficult to get adventurer reward

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You need 100 points to get the Adventurer Reward.

I just ran the math.

If a player attends every single session and earns every single award (including a moment of greatness each chapter) she will have 111 points.  If just one session is missed you're down to an absolute maximum of 106 points.  And many PCs aren't going to be able to kill 3 minions in one turn.  

Seems to me like it's a pretty high bar.  I'm just wondering if I'm missing something? 

I plan to hand out a lot of "moment of greatness" points.  There's just no way I'd want one of my players to attend every session and not get the renown reward.

On a related note, you now need 20 points to get the delver reward.  That sounds good to me.  10 points is trivially easy so 20 makes it feel like more of a challenge.

I'm quite happy with this, since I decided to give out a copy of Tomb of Horrors (the dm reward version) as an extra present to the player with most points. This will make it even more challenging and at the end, very rewarding.
10 points is too easy to get.
Make your own character, and attend 2 sessions, you're done.
Or once the CB is updated, make a CB character and you're done.

Now you need at least a whole chapter.
AlexandraErin: If last season was any indication, I think Encounters is pretty much the elemental opposite of "organized" play!

Could someone help me?
Our good shopkeeper lost the renown point reward cards of season 2!
And to be on the safe side i am looking for those of this season aswell. ;)

Where can i find them?

Sorry for changing the subject of this topic, but i could not find another suitable thread.
That is why you make your own thread. It draws attention to your own question. It is good that you don't spam new threads when there is already a suitable one, but as this is not suitable for your question, you should make your own thread.
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