(4e) Dragonborn Rangers (PEACH)

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Just needed a second opinion as to whether or not these were too powerful, and whether or not they would work well together in a group.

If you think I should add any more abilities or class features let me know.

Also, 3 of the five need names. Names are good






They are going to confront the PCs, but not all at once. First just the barbarian, assassin, and sorceress, because they're both after the same statue of Bahamut. That's about level 12 or 13 depending on if they go there or the Feywild first. Later, about level 15, they're all going to be there, in a massive FFA involving four different "sides."

Meta, Tiefling Avenger (15)
Benyamin, Dragonborn Sorcerer (15)
Viz, Eladrin Cleric (15)
Briggs, Half-Orc Ranger (15)
Alkoi, Human Artificer (15) (usually the minotaur, but he is slowly going batshit insane and will be a demon before they get to here)

Ger'thal, Dragonborn Invoker (14E)
Dragonborn Assassin (15E)
Dragonborn Sorceress (15E)
Dragonborn Barbarian (16E)
Tzasamazsh, Dragonborn Deathknight (18E)

Regina, Succubus Sorceress (16E)
Rizzuto, Minotaur Fighter (18S)
Assorted minions

Demon Lord:
Mortressus, Lich-Chimera Wizard (22S)

So I figure their individual strength will matter less there, as they're going to be fighting PCs and other monsters at that point. I just need to know if the initial battle will overwhelm them, in your opinions. My PCs are tough, and average +2 and +3 encounters at this point all day. +4s are usually more down to the wire, and bad die rolls can TPK them at that point unless they blow all of their resources.

UPDATE: Invoker's breath recharges when first bloodied, Spark form should work as it does for the level 7 power, shift speed +2 and make the attack against each target you move through.