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Hi, I'm new to magic and I've been going to FNM at my local store. The first 3 events I went to, I did pretty bad and those are recorded. I've since played to more and improved each time and I'm a bit disheartened that those two events are missing from my DCI record. I'm missing my rewards points

What should I do?

If your events are not showing up in your DCI history one of two things is the likely cause:

1) Your T.O. has not yet reported the event.  The best solution in this case is to talk to the T.O. and ask if he uploaded the event.  If he did not, then ask him to do so and your results should show up on your DCI history page within the next week.

2) The event was uploaded within the last week and has not yet been processed.  Events are processed on Wednesday morning (pacific time).

One final though, if you have joined the DCI and have not yet signed up for player rewards, then your matches are not counting towards getting you any rewards.  If you haven't signed up yet you can do so by following the link at the bottom of this page.

Hope that helps,
~James Fields T.O. & Judge. Check out the New Tournament Organizer's Handbook.
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