Owlcon XXX, Jan 28-30, 2011, Houston, TX

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Yes it is the thirtieth Rice University Owlcon! And, yes, it means what you think it means.  But BEWARE, Owlcon is quite a bit earlier than usual, end of January. Plan soon!  Come escape the frigid…to the hot, steamy…well actually Houston winters are quite mild.

There will be much role play to be had, along with plenty of games of all types. 

Of course we will be offering Living Forgotten Realms adventures.

Last year we started a campaign tradition in Houston: plot interconnected MYRE adventures dealing with events in Tymather and surrounds.  Our local authors are back in action working on sequels. 

What buried ancient city near the Meth Mere did that earthquake expose to the sea caves?  Why were there so many monsters down there? And with magic control tattoos?  Who gathered the pirate fleet to route the adventurers exploring the caves?  Vanquisher Tarhun’s government has made no formal announcements about the discoveries, but the events after his celebration were whispered throughout adventurers’ circles, and where there are such questions...

Our schedule is not up yet, and preregistration has not yet opened, but I wanted to let the LFR community know the convention is going to be earlier in the year.  The official Owlcon site is www.owlcon.com/ and our Warhorn schedule will be at warhorn.net/owlcon-xxx/ soon!

Thank you,

Brett Hulett

Owlcon RPGA Coordinator

Our warhorn schedule is up for the LFR adventures being offered:  warhorn.net/owlcon-xxx

Player registration will open late next month on the official Owlcon site: www.owlcon.com

Please check out both sites for the games that will be offered. Although on the same weekend as DNDXP, Houston does offer a milder climate if that is a factor in your planning.

Our LFR offering includes a series of eleven My Realms advenures written specifically around a continuing story started at the last Owlcon and based in our region, Tymanther.  The Saturday evening event includes a contest, a monster Hunt, sponsored by the dragonborn leadership of town of Sekras along the road between Djerad Thymar and High Imaskar at the River of Swords. 

ADCP2-2H Heart of the Desert (Heroic & Paragon)
CORE2-6 Ripples in the Stream of Souls (P2)
CORE2-10 Upon the Sea of Stars, 2 rounder (P3)
DALE2-3 Swords from Plowshears (H2)
DRAG2-2 This Gathering Storm (H1)
LURU2-1 Hands that Rock the Cradle (P1)
LURU2-2 Shadows of the Knights (H3)
LURU2-3 Forgotten Crypts, Hidden Dangers (H1)
SPEC2-2 Tyranny's Bitter Frost (P2)
SPEC2-2 Tyranny's Bleak Depths (P1)
SPEC2-2 Tyranny's Perilous Bastion (P3)
TYMA2-1 Old Enemies Arise (H1)
TYMA2-2 The Hand of Darkness (H2)

Best regards,
Brett Hulett
Owlcon LFR Coordinator
Owlcon preregistration opens this Friday. Hundreds of gamers come, so pre-reg is highly recommended to ensure a seat at the games of your choice: minis, board, card, LARP, RPG.

The LFR offering is at warhorn.net/owlcon-xxx . You may register on warhorn, but sign-ups for games will not be cleared until Owlcon receives payment - via www.owlcon.com/

We have many "My Realms" adventures all related to an evolving, unique Tymanther-centric storyline that was started at Owlcon 29. I will post a report of last Owlcon's events soon.

Game on,
Brett Hulett
Owlcon RPGA Coordinator

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From: [OwlCon Announcements]
Subject: Pre-registration -- OwlCon XXX
To: announcements@lists.owlcon.com
Date: Monday, November 22, 2010, 7:55 PM

Hello, Gamers!

Thanksgiving approaches, and you know what that means! Well, maybe you don't, but listen up. Since OwlCon is being held a little early this year (January 28-30), pre-registration time is almost upon us!

Pre-registration for our upcoming Con will start this Friday, November 26th. The page will open at or about 6pm (Central Time), so, if you're able to drag yourself out of your turkey-induced coma, you can start signing up for games even sooner than usual.

Look at all these great games! www.owlcon.com/2011/events_overview.php

Pre-registration offers you a discounted pass, as well as the opportunity to get a slot in your favorite games before they fill up! With a Weekend Pass you can pre-register for three games, and with a One Day Pass you can pre-register for one game. When the time comes, go here to take advantage of this fabulous opportunity: www.owlcon.com/2011/prereg.php
Oh, and for those of you on FaceBook -- go become a fan of OwlCon to help spread the word!


Registration Coordinator
OwlCon XXX

Tymanther sits amidst a broken landscape, strangers in a strange land. The
dragonborn have little formal influence across Faerun, and have at best cool
relations with East Rift to the south and Chessenta to the north. A state of
cold war exists with the genasi of Akanul to the west. Only High Imaskar
maintains decent trade relations with the lofty pyramid citadel of Djerad
Thymar. The dragonborn eke what they can from their rough lands, but trade with
others is requisite for prosperity. It is through adventurers that Tymanther has
been able to learn of and communicate with the civilizations they have landed

Last Alturiak, Djerad Thymar hosted a celebration in the mild winter climate to
show their appreciation of the adventuring trade. This was of course a ploy of
sorts for the military to recruit several bands of worthy adventurers to help
them with some discreet matters of domestic security. From far and wide heroes
came for the celebration, and thereafter engaged in a number of tasks at the
behest of Vanquisher Tarhun.

Over the past year, the nature of these secret missions has spread through the
adventuring community. Riddled with the errors of rumor, the list of exploits
and accomplishments is long: pirate strongholds in the Sea of Fallen Stars were
purged, throwing local pirate organizations into disarray; a series of newly
discovered sea caves was explored, and many of their foul inhabitants expunged;
a surge of random monsters appearing in the caverns below the capital was
squelched, and their appearance was discovered to be a plot by the enigmatic
Queen of Tortures. Excavating and looting the ancient ruins of Unthalass from
below, this Queen hopes to one day reclaim the surrounding lands usurped by the
dragonborn, Unther reborn.

Adventurers, following a series of ancient portals, raided the stronghold of
these forces of evil, claimed control of the portal network, and defeated a
Deepspawn: an aberrant creation with the ability to reproduce any monster it has
ingested. Subsequently feted for their efforts, the fame of these adventurers
spread, particularly through the dragonborn realm of Tymanther.

Now that a year has passed, the situation has changed a little. The Queen plots
against them, but more quietly, and pirates are less of a threat to Tymanther's
sea trade with High Imaskar. While this is good news for Tymanther in general,
and Djerad Thymar in particular, the same does not hold true for the small town
of Sekras, situated on the caravan route at the mouth of the River of Swords.
As money from passing caravans has dried up, so has the town. To make matters
worse, monster activity in the area has increased significantly, and the trickle
of caravans still coming through has almost dried up entirely.

Lord Flavia, the leading dragonborn in the town of Sekras, desperate for
assistance which has been unforthcoming from the capital in Djerad Thymar or
High Imaskar, has been convinced to take matters into his own hands and attempt
a Great Outsourcing for his own community, timed to coincide with the Midwinter
Festival. He has spread the word, hoping to attract many of the same adventurers
who assisted the dragonborn in the past.

A Great Hunt has been advertised, an attempt to bring return trade to the town,
bolster its flagging economy, and push back the borders of the Shaar Desolation
and its monstrous denizens. While not as glamorous as the jungle hunt in Port
Nyranzeru, Lord Flavia hopes the promise of glory, coupled with the chance to
perform a good deed for his community in need, will provide the requisite
motivation for adventurers of repute to assist his humble town.

Will YOU answer the call?

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