15 years break from the game - just returned - need HELP with my life deck

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Started wayyy back with Alpha and Beta. Took a break for 15 years and have just returned less than 1 month ago. Didn´t ever play much with White so decided to give it a chance.

Heres my deck so far – haven´t played yet – just starting getting some of the cards on ebay. All these I have.

Lands 20:
16x plains
4x Kabira Crossroads

Spells 10:
x3 Rest of the Weary
X2 Solemn Offering
X2 Invincible Hymn
X3 Guardian Zendikon  (defender creature)

Artifact 2:
X2 Elixir of Immortality

Creatures  28:
X4 Felidar Sovereign
x3 Ajanis Pridemate
X3 Kor Cartographer
X2 Ondu Cleric
X1 Soul´s Attendant
X1 Soul Warden
x4 Perimeter Captain   (defender)
X3 Stalwart Shield-Bearers  (defender)
X3 Wall of Omens (defender)
x2 Soulbound Guardians (defender)
x2 Roc Egg (defender) 

  1. Do I need more lands? – Kor Cartographer is in here because he allows another plain to the battlefield when he enters.

  2. Every spell gives me life. Elixir the artifact gives me life + shuffle graveyard to library = Invincible Hymn should give me a lot of it.

  3. Perimeter Captain gives all creatures with “defender” +2 life whenever they block = should be able to get life every turn and Stalwart gives +2 toughness to all with defender so most will have toughness of 5 or better – should work great against other creature decks. – are there too many creatures with defender quality??

  4. Should I instead of so many with defender take more soul warden and attendant?, and isn´t Ondu Cleric better than the two souls? – I mean it appears once he is in play every time I play another creature card I get life for all my allies (example 4 creatures in play – I play him = 5 life, next turn another creature I play =  6 life right? – because that would mean he is much better for me, after all you can´t count on the opponent playing a lot of creatures which is where the Soul´s have their strength.)

  5. Ajani should sky rocket quickly since everything gives me life and more than once each turn

  6. I will place 4x Celestial Mantel in here – what should go instead?? – Celestial will double my life total if I can give damage to opponent.

  7. Felidar is the game winner as 40 life wins it for me.

So there you have it – sort of a gameplan and some thoughts, EVERY THING in here gives me life –please help.

I don´t know if this deck will be to slow and I´ll be hammered before I start getting some serious life. Since I haven´t played a single game in 15+ years 1 question. Whats the average game turn before its finished - 5-10 or 15 turns??? 

Sideboard: Celestial Purge, tempest of life, safe passage, brave the elements, shieldmate´s blessing,