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Hey Guys,
I'm the D&D coordinator at my gaming store and I work pretty closely with the people there to get people in the store.  Something we did recently is shoot a video with my HD camcorder of simply an employee showing the store and talking about what they have to offer for D&D gamers.  This was then shared through Facebook and D&D Yahoo groups to get the word out.  

If you have a camcorder, think about offering to do the same for where you game at.   Here's a link to fhe video we made for The Next Level Games in the Nashville area.


~Will Fuqua
Not a bad suggestion at all.  
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That looks like a great store.  The video would be even cooler if there was a clip from a D&D session in action.  Nice work!
Wow... nice play space! Good idea and may have to give it a try.

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Awesome store! Great video.

It would be cool to see more of these, maybe even have WotC feature them.

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