Homebrew Monsters: Defense of the Ancients

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I'm stuck at a desk for the next 2 1/2 hours with nothing better to do, so I'm just gonna transfer over monsters from DotA that I've already stated out and post them, and maybe even homebrew a few new ones.

If you've played it and wanna request something, just post.

If there's enough support, I'll keep doing it after I get outta here.

So that's about it. This may be one of, if not, my very first homebrew monster ever:


Always been one of my favorite heroes upon release, I just wish he was better in-game.
I really like this!!! Do you have more?
A bunch, actually, I just haven't made stat blocks for them all. That, and there wasn't a whole lot of interest so I didn't bother. But if there is interest, I can proceed with it.
It is cool, actually, I have begun work on a Dark Seer. I thought his powers interesting. However, in my adventure I will reflavor him to a Dream Seer... an Inspired lord.

I would really appreciate thoughts on the balance of this guy. 
I would instead give the minions hit points equal to the player's bloodied values.

As it stands, he doesn't have much multi-target attacking potential. If he dropped that early, it would give him support on the battlefield.
That's a good idea. I will change that. 
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