Need help brainstorming NPC's

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I'm working on a game based in a world much like Fallout 3 or Arcanum.  It will be DnD:  Magic, Swords, Axes, armor.  But it will also be post-apocolyptic.  Swords will be sharpened lawnmower blades on long steel tubes.  Armor will be beaten out stop signs, and leather bomber jackets reworked with plates and rings. 

But my player's first task will be to select who in the year 1960 was selected by Valu Tech to enter the Valu Tech Bastian Y23.  Out of the 100 or so applicants, they must pick 20-30 to enter.

And so.. I need about 100 applicants.

So...... if anyone would be willing to help I have this handy-dandy form I drew up so you can dive right into the part and write your own application!  I even colored it to look like it was being entered on a first generation computer terminal.

Appreication in advance!

Valutech Bastian Application Form 103

Post-Apocalpytic DnD: "Into the Light" Follow my Blog for more details.