8/25/2010 StF: "Slime, Trials, and the Inner Garruk"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Savor the Flavor, which goes live Wednesday on magicthegathering.com.

The comment about sparks igniting make me feel this is an appropriate place for me to mention Nascent, an excellent Magic webcomic about the appearance of the five colors of mana on Earth.  It can be found at www.slavewagestudios.com; currently they seem to be on hiatus, but I encourage anyone who reads it, enjoys it and wants more to join me in bombarding the creators with emails of gentle nudgery toward resuming the tale.
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As far as the benefit of the rest of Magic is concerned, gold cards in Legends were executed perfectly. They got all the excitement a designer could hope out of a splashy new mechanic without using up any of the valuable design space. Truly amazing. --Aaron Forsythe's Random Card Comment on Kei Takahashi
This article was pretty good (it's always nice to get inside the head of a WotC employee), but it seemed to make the choice between good and evil for a planeswalker not a choice at all but a kind of awakening: if a planeswalker chooses good, they've transcended, come to an awakening, chosen the right path. I think it can be quite contrary to that. I'd be astonished if Nicol Bolas wasn't fully aware of what he could do if he used his power morally.

I don't know what I'm trying to say, maybe I'm just overthinking it, but anyways, I enjoyed this article.
Bolas is the only original planeswalker left.  Of course he knows what hes doing.  Hes the stuff dreams are made of.  I seem to remember (from the Time Spiral books) the other planeswalkers were only interested in protecting their little peice of heaven.  They finally made the sacrifice I forget why.  They were friggin jerks though.  Ultimate power will probably do that to anyone. 
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