Seeking 4e campaign (non PbP)

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I'm looking for a crew (or seeking a willing DM to form a group) to play 4th Edition.  All in all, I consider myself more of a tactical player and I'm looking for like-minded, strategic party-mates and a DM who enjoys giving his players a real challenge.  Also, I strongly prefer parties limited to 5 or 6 players maximum (as I just feel that this is better for both the party members and the DM; overcrowding is bad-mmk).  Looking to use MapTools or another similar program to play over the intarwebs.  Vent or Skype not required but greatly preferred.  Not very particular on the setting, but I'm only interested in playing 4th Edition.  My schedule is very open at this point and in general I have very, very good attendance.

Please feel free to reply here or message me privately.  I'm eager to hear from YOU!