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Hey Guys,

My PC's asked if they could make characters for D&DGD - Dark Sun, seeing as the printed material is now out.  I have browsed the website, forum, and printed material and can't seem to find anything related to this.  Have any of you had people ask if they can, and decided to allow them to?  If so, what stipulations did you set for creation guidelines?

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I think to official answer is that D&D gameday events  (not Encounters, but actual "worldwide game days") are supposed to use the pregen characters.  That way all the DMs can be familiar with the PCs and not spend time worrying about whether the player made the PC correctly and the table is somewhat balanced and so on. 

These gamedays thrive on complete strangers just showing up to play some D&D together and have a good time.

Now if you're looking for an answer other than the official answer, that's up to your judgement.  Just keep in mind the idea is that folks just show up to play.

We ran a slot 0 last night and the pregens seemed pretty capable. There is one very difficult encounter, but otherwise they hold their own in excellent fashion.

I am asking WotC about where to post my playtest notes. If I don't here back it will be in a thread in this forum.

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