The Ultimate Dark Sun Pregen Character Sheet (with Template!)

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This might be a little late to be of use to anyone, but I'm sharing the pregens on my preferred custom character sheet.

There are sheets for all six pregens for levels 1-3 in doc and pdf, plus a blank template in Word 97-2003 doc format.

I rebuilt every pregen from scratch now that we have the Dark Sun books. If there are any typos please let me know and I'll update the file and link.

I think my template is pretty tricked out and much, much more useable and better looking than any other sheets I've seen for 4E.

Even if you don't use the pregen sheets, you might want to consider using the template for your own character. I created the first version of this sheet for my gnome sorcerer back in a 3.5 campaign (it scaled well from level 1 to level 19, when the campaign ended), started my players on it in our very first 4E games in the fall of '08, and so I have been evolving it for 3-4 years now.

I hope you will find it usefull too.
these look nice but as an organizer there's simply no way I am going to use them. at 4 pages / character I'll find something more condensed.
I brought these to the table because the pregen cards were too condensed for many.

Different strokes for different folks.

Try using the template for your current character for an encounter and see what you think.

And in my completely biased opinion, this is a better sheet for new players than condensed ones.
  • It has the complete race, class, theme, and feat descriptions;

  • complete power descriptions including flavor text (so important for a role-playing game to be able to imagine what the heck your powers are supposed to represent happening in the world); 

  • a complete skill bonus table; and

  • weapons and armor have their AC bonus, prof bonus, etc., listed.

All of this adds up to the new player having a complete understanding of their character and much fewer interruptions to try and look up something in a book or online.
It's a better sheet for role-playing since it has an entire page dedicated to tracking your game with plenty of room for a journal, notes on companions and events, thorough descriptions of your character, etc.

A lot of the efficiencies don't really pop out either until you've actually used it in a game or in combat.

So I just want to make sure people give it a fair try in game play before dismissing it out of hand.
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