HELP Made a new Zombie deck But it sucks TIPS for changes???

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This is my standard deck mono black zombie deck
(lost so many games and Im frustrated!!!)

Creatures  24

2 Bog Raiders
4 Cemetary Reaper
4 Escaped Null
3 Gravedigger
4 Null Champion
2 Phylactery Lich
3 Royal Assassin
2 Warpath Ghoul

Enchantment  5

3 Quest for the Gravelord
2 Unholy Strength

Sorcery  6

1 Blood Tithe
1 Corrupt
1 Diabolic Tutor
3 Duress

Instant  2

2 Doom Blade

Artifact  3

2 Crystal Ball
1 Demon's Horn

Land  20

16 Swamps
4 Piranha Marsh

I made this deck with Zombies in mind and tried to build it around Phylactery Lich
(Im interested in making this deck a standard deck using cards that are included in the sets starting Oct 1)
I know Grave Titan would make this deck a lot better but that card is pretty expensive...I am still wondering whether I want to purchase it)
Thanks for any Help you can offer!

Oh I also was wondering if anyone can let me know of a card to replace Cemetary Reaper since its a 2010 set ThAnKs!
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