8/17/2010 SF: "Power Trip"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Serious Fun, which goes live Tuesday morning on magicthegathering.com.
The scheme deck shouldn't be running 2 copies of I Bask In Your Silent Awe. They're really depressing when you get out both at once. Also, they're not actually that good. Choose Your Champion is pretty lackluster as well. Nature Shields Its Own and Roots of All Evil would be better for stalling and have more synergy with the rest of the deck i.e. Ascension. And the +2/+2 and trample scheme seems like it'd be pretty good with those token makers too.
I't's funny that Adam mentions Horizon Boughts when it's not in Gatherer. It's a real pity that they stopped adding the promo planes to Gatherer after Tazeem.Frown
Very nice turnaround

I'm still not entirely sold on the inclusion of black in the Ula's deck, but dropping out the green/white certainly makes it feel more flavorfully 'from the depths' and makes it more efficient as well. I still think it would be better without all of the non-creature spells (as useful as scry is, the earlier the temple sets off the better). If the deck is creature's only then a good mulligan should mean your temple sets off at turn 4 or 5. And a turn 4 Inkwell Leviathan is a beautiful thing.

I'm really glad you liked my suggestion to check out Jacob's deck, it's great to know our humble feedback is heard.

And I love what you did with it. I really liked Jacob's idea but was having problems consistently getting the vampire + slime combination, so I added the Fauna Shaman. Then the deck was having problems with pretty much any decent U/W deck, my 15/15 vampire would just get bounced or exiled (which is so depressing). You provided the final piece... Fling! I don't know about adding the mountains because I want to avoid mana screw, but a set of Birds of Paradise might be enough to justify throwing the Fling in there. 

There is nothing more satisfying than a counter-response-Fling. Thank you thank you. 15 TO THE FACE!

Great job. Cheers.
Very interesting tweaks to the decks. They certainly ended up a bit more like decks I might like to play.

Just in case there was any confusion, though, I didn't mean my comment last week as criticism - I'm certainly all for people building decks that are fun, however that player defines fun (well, without interfering with the other players' fun too much). So if you like grabbing awesome cards of 4 or 5 colours and throwing them into a deck, then please do feel free - don't let me stop you!

(As it happens I have an EDH Cromat deck built along that vague principle. It has one rule: no monocoloured cards. Every card is either gold, hybrid, or colourless artifact or land. Beyond that, it's just whatever random goodstuff I happen to have on hand. It's loads of fun to play even though it's not really built around the general like most of my EDH decks are. So I can definitely see where you're coming from.)
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