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Curious if anyone knows of a list of all the Magic cards that have made Spectrum.

If no one knows...we might have to resort to the spotlight to get an answer.

oh wow, no i dont have a comprehensive list, i would actually like to compile one though.
maybe we can go an issue at a time when we have spare moments and end up with a master list.
i know a few of the illos that made it in this year: komarck's RoE display art, RK's avatar of woe alt art, Matt's kor firetreader, Argyle's guul Draz vampire, Allen's M11 merfolk painting, Scott Chou got in Marsh Casualties, Moeller's fatpack of the selkie was finally entered and made it in, Rahn's Tajuru Archer got in, and i know there's other stuff, just hard to remember. Oh, and Deschamp's WorldWake fatpack of jace is in.

A work in progress:

Comprehensive list:

Jeremy Jarvis Terese Nielsen Robert Bliss David Seeley G. Darrow & I. Rabarot Scott M. Fischer Daren Bader rk Post Ron Spears Michael Sutfin Matt Stawicki Mark Zug Matthew D. Wilson Christopher Moeller Justin Sweet Donato Giancola Carl Critchlow Lars Grant-West Rob Alexander Randy Gallegos Matt Cavotta Anthony S. Waters Cyril Van Der Haegen Greg Staples Adam Rex Chippy Jim Murray Volkan Baga Craig Mullins Steven Belledin Vance Kovacs Aleksi Briclot Todd Lockwood Philip Straub Jaime Jones Steve Argyle Matt Stewart Michael Komarck Jason Chan Chris Rahn Scott Chou Allen Williams Eric Deschamps





Spectrum 1:
N/A, no entries

Spectrum 2:
N/A, no entries

Spectrum 3:
N/A, no entries

Spectrum 4:

Interesting how the ranger has dots/freckles across her upper chest in Spectrum, but not in the MTG art.

Spectrum 5:

Spectrum 6:








Japanese Glossy Gotta Magazine Promo, alternate art

The mountain is also much darker on the card

Spectrum 7:

Myth of Magic: Anthologies Cover
Artist: Michael Sutfin

Spectrum 8:

The Invasion, Matt Stawicki, Promo Photo 


Spectrum 9:

Spectrum 10:
No entries

 Spectrum 11:
109.jpg201.jpg109.jpg133.jpghtml_removed 288.jpg278.jpg9.jpg89.jpg55.jpg74.jpg4.jpg215.jpg

Spectrum 12

Unhinged Promotional poster/item- Matt Cavotta's "Unleash the Power of Ass"


Spectrum 13:


Undying Rage is almost totally cropped:   Steam Vents has the window illuminated in the card only.


Spectrum 14:



Future Sight Book cover

Spectrum 15:


Future Sight fat pack mural: Korlash, Heir to Blackblade vs. Tombstalker 
Art by Jean-Sebastien Rossback


Spectrum 16:


Artist: Dave Kendell
Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Flight of the White Cat, Part III, page 7

Artist: Andrew Robinson
Art Director: Jeremy Jarvis
Fuel for the Fire, part III, page 6

Spectrum 17:

4.jpg 93.jpg101.jpg11.jpg185.jpg







Worldwake Fat Pack | Illustration by Eric Deschamps




Spectrum 18:

Aleksi Briclot Promotional Image
"New Phyrexia"

Michael Komarck

Nic Klein

Duels of the Planeswalkers Garruk & Liliana

Spectrum 19:

Planeswalker Pantheon by Brad Rigney

Spectrum 20:










I only have a few of these and Minneapolis has very few on reference, most are checked out/"lost," go figure.

I'll keep working on this.
This is awesome! Thanks so much. Here are the ones you missed from Spectrum 17:
Angelheart Vial: gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details....
Maritime Guard: gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details....
And two non-cards credited in the book as
Eldrazi Conscription by Jaime Jones
Rise of the Eldrazi by Michael Komarck 
Brilliant, so many great pieces in there.  Chris Rahn's cards drive me nuts they are so good.  Can't wait to see 18.
Updated with 18.
I need to update the older broken links soon. 
we have at least 11 in Spectrum 19 as well, as best i can tell...
Spectrum 19 updated, with three in Spectrum 20 posted after knowing at Spectrum Live 2.
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