8/13/2010 TWTW: "Magic Meet-up in Minnesota"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's The Week That Was, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.
  I was hoping for vintage decklists from GenCon.  I can't find them anywhere.
Picture Fail. That's Rich Hoaen, not Paul Jordan.

EDIT: Actually, it does look kinda like Paul, but I'm 95% sure it's Rich.
Just thought I'd offer some more suggestions for dining in Minneapolis.  There's a ton of great places to choose from, and I'd be ashamed not to make some of my favorites known to visitors.

The King and I Thai - First up is one of my favorite Thai places in the city (and there are many good ones).  The King and I features not only excellent food but an atmosphere that's just wonderful.  I've often lost track of time while eating there because I was enjoying my surroundings (and my meal) that much.  As an added bonus, King and I is literally two city blocks away from the Minneapolis Convention Center.  You can probably smell the curry from there.

Chiang Mai Thai - While the King and I features a very sumptuous and cozy atmosphere, Chiang Mai is definitely the hip place to get Thai food.  Fortunately it's also incredibly delicious.  If you're not sure what to get, I highly recommend the Massaman Curry - absoultely my favorite dish at any restaurant in the city.  If you like it spicy (as I do), you're going to be in heaven.  Chiang Mai is a ways outside of Downtown Minneapolis, but it's still less than 10 minutes away driving.

The Bad Waitress - Not every meal is dinner and drinks.  If you get enough time to look for a wholesome and delicious breakfast one day in Minneapolis, I highly recommend stopping in here.  The name refers to lack of a waitstaff to take your order - they'll bring you the food, but ordering is up to you.  It sounds a little odd and greasy spoon, but I guarantee that when you see the place you'll understand what they're going for - and how they've done so well.  If you do stop in for some breakfast food (regardless of the time of day), I highly recommend a side of chorizo sausages.  I promise you'll love them.

Little Tijuana - Just across the street from Bad Waitress is Little T's.  They may not have the best Mexican food in the city - or even on their city block - but Little T's is widely known for being the place to go, late at night.  Minneapolis has the unfortunate distinction of shutting down pretty early.  Bar close is only 2am, and most restaurants aren't open even that late.  Little T's has been the place to go after the bar kicks you out for many, many years.  If you've been drafting all night and suddenly want a burrito, T's is your best bet.  I remember visiting T's with Adrian Sullivan and Brian Kowal during the first Grand Prix Minneapolis, and they both approved - so take that for whatever it's worth.

The Local - Last but not least is Minneapolis' favorite Irish pub.  It's just a few blocks away from the convention center, so it's a great choice for a beer when you want to step away from Nationals for a little while.  Don't stop yourself with just a beer though because the food is outstanding too.  The Local can get really busy in the evenings (especially on weekends) so you might not want to try to force your way in through the crowd after a day of cards, but it's a great choice for the afternoon when things are a bit more subdued.

This is, of course, not an exhaustive list of the great places to eat in Minneapolis.  If you've got a hankering for a specific kind of food, don't hesitate to ask someone from the area if they know a place.  No matter what kind of food you want, I guarantee you can find a great representation here. 
You left out getting a Jucy Lucy?!

I'm ashamed of this Minnesotan.

A visit isn't a visit without a stop to get a Jucy Lucy, the south minnepeapolis burger injected with cheese.

Matt's Bar is the leader.
5-8 Club is second.
Nook/Blue Door are tied for third.

The Local is tops. Their wee lunch is amazing.

The food is very eclectic as there is a significant asian population and a strong Latino presence on Lake Street.

Go to Murray's for steak. It's within walking distance to the convention center. Independently owened and operated. $20 early dinner before 5, $30 3 course special all the time.

Picture Fail. That's Rich Hoaen, not Paul Jordan.

EDIT: Actually, it does look kinda like Paul, but I'm 95% sure it's Rich.

I found a couple other pics online of Rich Hoaen wearing that very shirt, so I think you're probably right.

100% Rich.

Just sent it to him on MSN to give him a laugh.

Ith and Fiber are completely correct.  Those are some amazing restaurants.  For you guys wanting delivery at your hotels I'd recommend Pizza Luce (their sandwiches are just as awesome as the pizza) or Leaning Tower.  Brits is another great spot if you want a burger and a beer.  Brits is on Nicollet which is where alot of great restaurants are.  Nicollet is only a block away from the convention center and some of the hotels are right there too.

If you're willing to trek into the heart of dowtown (7th and Hennepin) there's a Fogo De Chao, nightclubs, and such.
Minneapolis/St Paul is known nationwide for its excellent foodie experiences.  Nightlife is excellent in the summers as well, because we spend 6 months of the year huddled indoors from the cold.  When we get to warm weather, we woop it up...

Some suggestions on my favorite places to eat from a foodie perspective:

Some of the most fantastic food I've had in ages, and within walking distance from the Convention Center.  The Hanger Steak brought tears to my eyes it was so amazing.  Pricey, but perfect for those of you wanting to travel here and make the experience memorable.

The BullDog Lowertown.  There are ones closer to the venue, but this place is worth the drive to St Paul where the menu is double the size and tastier than the Minneapolis ones.  Forget Juicy Lucy... it's all about the Tillamook burger and tater tots.  Reasonably priced!

Solera is a tapas bar and very trendy... but if that's your dig, you won't be disapointed.  They have a neat rooftop bar as well.  Not as expensive as Lurcat, but it's also small portions/plate.

Nice malaysian place not too far from downtown.  It's got very fresh tasting food and neat preperations!

As far as everything that's been mentioned... I also highly recomend Little T's Nacho Platter, Fogo De Chao, and McCormick and Schmicks bar side (which has an amazingly cheap and yummy happy hour... $3 cheeseburger!).
Oh wow, I can't believe I forgot Peninsula.  I went there for the first time late last year and it was incredible.  I absolutely doubleplus recommend Peninsula.

I also forgot about Jucy Lucys, but.. well, I've just never been a huge fan.  Or maybe I'm just too used to them, having lived within a few minutes of Matts for my entire life.  True enough though that if you want a great burger that might be dangerous to your health, the places Fiber listed are all excellent choices.

Also ditto the suggestion of Pizza Luce if you want to get a pizza delivered to your hotel or to the convention center.  Make sure you really give their menu a strong perusal when you order, too.  Don't just order a standard pizza.  Take the opportunity to order one of their more outlandish options - you won't be disappointed.  Never had mashed potato pizza?  This is your chance.
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