8/12/2010 TD: "Adventures with Mono-Green"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's Top Decks Article, which goes live Thursday morning on magicthegathering.com.
Hey a thread on the article I wanted to talk about!

Okay, I got pretty disappointed when I red this article because the first deck highlighted was so close to the one I was going to go-rogue with on Saturday.

I have essetionally a 80% copy of the deck.  Like the author, I foud myself going BLANK on too many summoning trap cast.  I took them out.

I also had originally thought to a very bad red enchantment.  That too went out.

What came in for me was a wider basket of tools for the deck to run with.  While I still have 2 emrakul's, I have a single copy of each of the other two legendary Eldrazi.  Being about to hunt up a "Kill that card right there!" eldrazi is very effective.  . . .  It tends to play along this line:
'Uhm, kill Jace.'  Yeah, you can't counter the effect with your mana leak but thanks for trying.   Oh look now that he's countered I'll shuffle him back into my library.  2 turns later (after fetching him).  'Kill you second Jace'. 

The other changes I have is that I run 4 acidic slime maindeck.  Popping a color, killing an enchantment, having a deadly blocker are all nice curve fits for this deck. 

I found that I really only had turns 1 and 4 to cast actually 'non-mana ramp' cards.  Consequently, I currently have four lightning bolt maindeck and 4 Acidic Slimes.  Those tend to give me a little wiggle room to play the deck on curve.  Also,  by removing the hit-or-miss summoning trap, you give yourself more time in the game. 

My creature selection includes two artisan of kozilek which come in right after they kill my first primeval titan or acidic slime.   Uhm, bring in Artisan, return Titan, fetch two lands.  NICE!

In general, the deck runs a very nice curve.  I currently run 4 bloodbraid elf.  Their cascade allows me to find mana acceleration 80% of the time.  

My under 4 converted mana cost spells are lightning bolt, rampant growth, cultivate, growth spasm, and awakening zone.  Four of each.  The little 0/1 eldrazi comes in handy from the growth, but I tend to never see any off the Zones.  With these being the only 4 enchantments in my deck, they really need to be cut out completely. 

I hadn't considered the plant token land as I tend to like to use my mana the turn it comes in. 

I hadn't considered the plant token land as I tend to like to use my mana the turn it comes in. 

I haven't played Constructed in ages but that jumped out at me too. I thought the main point of the token in decks similar to this was to have something to Polymorph and this deck isn't running Polymorph.
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I also ment to mention that I run it that betrays and destructive force
On a slow version,
Generally speaking, if I've got a D-Force in hand, I'll cast the Titan on turn 4.  He tends to get Popped pretty quick. 
Turn 5 I'll then hunt up (you fetch an Eye of Ugin and an Eldrazi Temple) it that betrays at the end of their turn. (you should have 8 lands in play).  You can cast a 10 casting cost Eldrazi without a land drop.  This play depends on getting the right mana plays.  Having two temples in play is not unusual at this point along with the Eye.  That means if you've got a land in hand, It that betrays is the right choice.  Otherwise you find and cast Kozilek, Butcher of Truth and draw 4 cards.  

Turn 6 cast the Butcher or the Betrayer.  IF the butcher, you're just going hurt him him.  If the Betrayer you're going to kill him next turn.
Turn 7 This sets up the game ending Destructive force.  You tap 7, sacrificing 5. They sacrifice 5 lands and you get them back.  You now swing with your Annihilator, they sacrifice 2 to 4 depending on turn 6 play and you get those permenants.  It is awesome.

Turn 6 can also be a blank destructive force.  With 1 Temple, 1 eye, and 6 other lands already in play, a Sweep the board of creatures and kill all your opponents land is a GREAT play.   The deck is runnign twelve 2 & 3 drop accelerators plus a high land count.  If they've foolishly left teh Titan form turn 4 in play, turn 5 will kill them with the D'Force.  Just attack first if they're playing red, otherwise wait and then swing through their empty field.  

You'll be surprised how painful Annhilator 2 is when you've blasted through a Destructive Force on 5 of their lands.   

Mike, you've got to ask your online opponents if they're female or just go ahead and use one pronoun, cause the "he or she" "him or her" thing is brutal for the flow of this article.

Well I top 8'd at game day.  Saw control, control, control and some more control. 

Early on, I lost to a good friend who was running straight red goblin/burn.  Game one was close, but he managed to keep top decking lands after 9 had been destroyed (1 destructive force, 3 acidic slimes and an artisan for a return of an acidic slime).  Game two had me win at 1 life (he was at 20) in a series of dramatic castings.  Last game was a complete 'God draw' by him with me eliminating as fast as I could and him beating me down to 9 by the end of his turn 4.  With the field cleared of goblins and him with 3 cards in hand (tapped out) and 3 mountains in play, he responds with a "I'm sorry" revealing the 3 lightning bolts in his hand.  Starting off 0-1, I went on to win out to make top 8.

Friday saw me add one swamp, 4 tri-color lands and 3 maelstrom pulse to the deck.  It was a good call, with the Pulses always killing planeswalkers, but I think I could have easily gone with pithing needle and thereby protecting my mana base.  The screwy land base did cost me game one in the top 8, going out to two tectonic edge's at once.  

For gameday, four of us went.  And all four of us made top 8.  Then immediately we all lost.  Vampires, Green-Eldrazi, Mill and a version of RDW.   I lost to green-red-control.  Instead of Eldrazi, he ran counter spells.  Everyone else lost to UW control (which I beat 3 times in swiss). 

After playing the Green-Eldrazi, I found myself very happy with it.  path to exile hurts a lot, but oblivion ring is much weaker.  I also found myself liking several things and wishing on a couple of other.   First, spellbreaker behemoth deserves a spot in the deck.  At 1RGG he is a great meta-call in my area and easy substitute for obstinant baloth.  His ability to protect against mana leak and other counter spells is awesome.  White Blue control has answers like nobody's business, but the behemoth forces the O-Ring or Path to deal with his threat.   Second, 2 destructive force is enough.  Third, all is dust is a great card, often netting you a creature return to boot.  Fourth, the proper compliment of Eldrazi appears to be 5 with a possibility of a 6th depending on your sideboard.  Those 5 are:  artisan of kozilek, Kozilek, Butcher of Truth, Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre,  it that betrays and emrakul, the aeons torn.  Coming in at a possible 6th is spawnsire of ulamog depending on your sideboard. 

Acidic Slime provides a big boost for anti-control (take out man-lands) and also kills sideboard cards of all types. If I could run 8 of these guys I would.  Given the mana ramp, mold shambler seems like a good card to consider.  Given his ability to take out Planewalkers, land, enchantments and artifact if you get it kicked to 6 mana total. 

We'll that was my take on Gameday while running a version of Green-Eldrazi.

Eldrazi are fine, but they are really costly. There is a turn three win with Primeval Titan:
1. Forest, Llanowar Elves.
2. Lotus Cobra, Mountain, Add G mana with Lotus Cobra, Llanowar Elves, Amulet of Vigour.
3. Misty Rainforest, Add G mana with Lotus Cobra, Sac the Rainforest for a Forest, Add another G mana with the Cobra, Play Primeval Titan, search for two Teetering Peaks and target the Titan with both of them, Add any colour mana with the Cobra, play a Goblin Bushwhacker kicked, attack with everything that is untapped, search your library for another 2 Teetering Peaks, again targeting the Titan.
Turn 3 WIN.

My friend plays Eldrazi. His deck's mono-Green, which I like, because I am not a red player.

Emrakul, the Aeons Torn x 4
Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre x 4
Kozilek, Butcher of Truth x 4
Garruk Wildspeaker x 4
Summoning Trap x 4
Primeval Titan x 4
Cultivate x 4
Eldrazi Monument x 4

Eye of Ugin x 4
Eldrazi Temple x 4
Forest x 16

Although most of the time he plays his R/W/U planeswalker deck. If he sold it, it would cost around $1000 (Australian dollars)
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