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I scoured the internet for some builds that existed for this class and found nothing.
This may be because it isn't exactly a powerhouse in any shape or form.

I was wondering if they amazing people of the wizards forums would be able to optimize it in some way. I'd like to see it done with a full 10 levels of the class so that "Killing Joke" could be aquired.

Assume all books 3.0-3.5 Are allows, And a very large amount of gold. Go wild.

Looking forward to seeing ideas! Thanks!

(It's a PrC on Page 107 of the Races of Stone book.)

The easiest entry would be divine bard 5. Bard 1 / cleric 4 would get you better casting.

Divine Prankster is actually a very nice class, I'm not sure why it doesn't see more use, other than the poor base attack bonus.  (Seldom really an issue for clerics.)  It might be the Sleight of Hand requirement that is the problem, since there are very few methods for clerics to get that on their skill list.  If you can get in though, it's hard to compete with full casting progression, 6 skill points per level, 2 good saves, and bardic music with better than normal abilities.

I would probably go with Cloistered Cleric (Trickery, Creation, Knowledge) 5/Mystic Wanderer 2/Nosomatic Chirugeon 3/Divine Prankster 10... assuming some modifications are made to Nosomatic Chirugeon outside of Eberron that opens it up a bit.

Outside of Nosomatic Chirugeon, the only other class I was able to find that progresses divine casting and has Sleight of Hand was Shadowbane Stalker (requires sneak attack, which is about as hard to find as Sleight of Hand)
It's tough indeed to get Sleight of Hand, SA, and Perform on the list all together. I advise biting the bullet and taking the Bard level at 1st. 

Pump all 1st level feats (and hopefully two flaws) into Inspire Courage (Song of the Heart, Words of Creation, and Artist). Depending on where the DM puts the doubling, that'll get either a +3 or +4 right out of the gate and enough daily uses to get through the level.

Advance Cloistered Cleric (Trickery fpr the Bluff and whatever your other favorite is - take Planning if you can). At 3rd level grab Hymnist (Dragon material, but it's on Crystalkeep). This will help with the Perform ranks. If you expect the game to go long, grab Divine Inspiration instead.

So at 2nd you can pump Bluff, it's class from now on- at 3rd you can pump Perform, so you need put only 8 ranks CC into Sleight of Hand to qualify. Otherwise 20 of your 24 points from all Cleric levels, assuming Intelligence 10, will be eaten by prereqs. If you're willing to put up with this, however- you can take Persistent Spell at 3rd.

DMM: Persistent Spell is at 6th. Right? So:
Gnome from Thesk (FR)
1- Bard: Artist, Song of the Heart (flaw), Words of Creation (flaw)
2- Cloistered Cleric (Travel, Planning): Extend Spell
3- Cleric- Persistent Spell
4- "
5- "
6- Divine Prankster: DMM (Persistent Spell)

Advance Divine Prankster to the end and then go back to Cleric. All other feats are Extra Turning- unless you get the urge for Dragonfire Inspiration.

Add various Bard items to pump Inspire Courage.

My DM Doesn't allow any Flaws.
We are allowed any 3.0-3.5 Book, -any-. As long as it's a wizards book.
Uh, It's generally safe to assume that the character would have his main stats around 20.
I left out this odd note not assuming the stats would play a huge role in it, but I forget about the skill rank requirements.
My DM has an odd gamlbing system for us when we roll up our characters; either we are allowed to roll 4d6, drop the lowest for a stat (Up to around 3-4 times per stat) or we get to have him roll once. In this system he rolls 4d6, and doesn't ever drop the lowest. This worked out fantastic, as I rolled up a Fighter-Type at one point with 24STR and 23 CON right out of the gate. He lucked out with about 6 CHA, though.

So, as far as stats go, Assume INT, CHA, and WIS all around 18-20.
So I was going through some recent (well, most recent 3.5 anyway) Dragon Magazines and did find one or two other methods that could boost spellcasting plus give Sleight of Hand.  Unfortunately, they're not possible with a gnome worshipping Garl Glittergold-- Thrall of Grazz't was in 360 and is evil only, and Initiate of Olidammara requires, well, worshipping Olidammara.   If you're not playing in Greyhawk though, I could see converting Initiate of Olidammara over to Initiate of Garl Glittergold though, since they're both trickster gods and there is no Initiate of Garl Glittergold feat as far as I know.

Stats in this case aren't really the issue-- the skill points aren't a problem to get with Cloistered Cleric, the issue is the skill caps.  Without having had Sleight of Hand as a class skill at some point in your career, you can't take 8 ranks of the skill until level 13.
I suppose another note.
We're playing through, currently, an Ascencion campaign. Meaning our Characters are all Aspiring gods.
Our DM generally rules we are allowed to Worship ourselves instead of another god, if it's for a class which fits our Characters God-Realm, if you will.
So as a possible Trickery-God, the worshiping part isn't an issue.

(DM Isn't super fond of Dragon Mag, Though. Don't make this all about me, mind you. I'd love to see where this can go. I've taken fondly to the class.)
If he is willing to allow the Dragon Magazine content (Dragon #360, which was published directly by WotC on their website), Thrall of Grazz't could work then-- you're working with the Demon Lord to short track your ascent into the realms of the gods.

Cloistered Cleric 5/Mystic Wander 2/Thrall of Graaz't 1/Divine Trickster 10/Mystic Wanderer 2 could work-- get Iron Will through an Otyugh Pit for Mystic Wanderer, and you'll need Thrall to Demon and Violate Spell for the thrall class.  The nice thing is that Thrall of Graaz't actually gets you charm person at will from that first level, in addition to the skills you need.  This would probabably end up as a chaotic evil trickster god of the type found in the darker fairy tales, where the hero deals with him and thinks he's won... only to come home and find he's lost everything.

You would have three domains, turn undead, Charisma to AC, charm person at will, all divine trickster abilities, gem magic, brew potion, a familiar, and a few other tidbits from mystic wanderer.
Isn't there a feat that stacks cleric and bard levels for Inspire Courage? I made a Divine Prankster some time ago. I dipped bard to get in, and took the feat Metamagic Song to use his bardic music uses for Metamagic. You can't abuse it as much as Divine Metamagic (it won't break the spell level cap), but it is still a decent ability, and nothing says you can't use both. ;) I don't remember what I did with that character writeup. If I find it, I'll post it here.
There is Devoted Performer for paladin/bards in Complete Adventurer... and Divine Inspiration in Dragon #333, which does indeed stack bard and cleric for bardic music.  That makes the bard level much more useful as a single dip, beating out an extra caster level.  Of course, the requirements on the feat are actually... Bardic Music and Turn Undead.  Which means that technically speaking you can take this after you get into Divine Prankster even if you don't have bard levels I think.

[Edit:  Maybe not, it looks like Divine Prankster doesn't actually get bardic music as a class ability, just various bardic music-like effects.  One other thing that I just noted which would encourage a level of bard instead of various multiclassing tricks is that it's inspire courage ability only improves if you had it previously.  So I think that makes taking your first level of bard a pretty clear winner.]
Isn't there a feat that stacks cleric and bard levels for Inspire Courage?

Initiate of Milil can stack bard and cleric for some things, from what I understand. I don't have Champions of Valor, so I can't verify exactly what.

One thing to note is that in the core spells the Cleric has only one figment available to him, Mislead, and thats only if he takes the Luck or Trickery domain. Unless your wanting DMM I would not bother with Cleric. EDIT: Looking at the non-core domains just take Illusion or Trickery and they might supply you with the figments. They are both in the Spell Compendium

Another option is if your GM is willing for Divine Bard or Prestiege Bard try to see if he is willing to combine the two for Divine PrC Bard. This delays your entry into Divine Prankster a level and costs you a caster level but adds the unique bard spells to the clerics. Note this still suffers from a lack of figments.

You might want to have a look at the Nightmare Spinner aswell, its in Complete Mage page 74. It's an Illusion based PrC but the adaptation section suggests altering it for enchantments with one class feature to let them effect things immune to mind-effecting effects.

Hopefully if you make it you can word it correctly so you can pun that annoying lich back to death.