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So my store got the Chapter 3 kits in, however there is a slight issues, the included packet information was from Chapter 2, including the character level cards.  Is this something I should take up with WPN, or was this intentional?
same here.  i'm going to check something out real quick.
ok, back.  it is definitely a mix-up.  you can, however, get to the information you need.  if you are the organizer, that is.

 - go into your DCI account.
 - click the My Events link in the box on the right.
 - select D&D public play.
 - hit search, then click on the sanction number for any of the chapter 3 dark sun encounters sessions you have sanctioned.
 - there you will see a download link for a zip file.

the instruction booklets for all 3 chapters, including level-up info, are contained within in pdf form.
Not a problem for me since the download for all 3 info packets was available when the 1st section was sent out.
Links that I find very useful, will be added here.;d_pageslinks
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