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So while I was looking to make a new build, I skimmed through Primal Power until I got to the Warden feats. Since most of these are all about optimizing your second wind, I thought I would at least try to build a character that utilizes a lot or all of these tricks to make a tank who can't be killed as long as he second winds.

With that in mind, I also wanted to utilize the Warden's excellent ability to keep enemies adjacent, whether it be by pulls or debilitating effects.

So any help on this general concept is very much appreciated.

Race: Dwarf is a no-brainer. There's really no argument here for anything but Dwarf.

Class: Warden obviously. Multiclassing Fighter is a very solid option as well (mainly for Stoneheart Warrior at Epic and some other solid healing surge related feats). Warlord is a surprisingly powerful option, mainly for the Earthfast Brigadier PP, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Guradian Might: Earthstrength is probably the best option for this build, as they have the most durability out of the GMs. Life Spirit is also decent if your party is lacking a leader heavy on healing. Stormheart is another very viable option for more of a defender/controller, and Wildblood is a decent (but probably the worst) option if you're looking for a little more damage.

Possible Feats:

Heroic Tier Feats:
Earthstrength Resilience
Crushing Earthstrength
Sudden Roots
Weapon Expertise (hammers)
Deadly Draw
Vicious Advantage
Dwarven Weapon Training
Resilience of Stone
Mark of Warding

Paragon Feats:
Earthstrength Defenses
Earthstrength Resolve
Armor Spec Hide (retrain to Second Skin)
Dwarven Durability
Dwarven Recovery

Epic Feats:
Rapid Wild Defense
Earthstrength Might
Robust Defenses
Epic Recovery
Primal Resurgence
Epic Resurgence

Hammer Feats:
Crippling Crush (heroic)
Hammer Rhythym (paragon)
Hammer Mastery (epic)

Is this worth pursuing, or is optimizing second winds just not as good as it seems? Any and all comments are appreciated.
Improved Second Wind is not worth taking. A Con-Based Warden is the highest HP class in the game, adding 5 to that is sad. Ditto Durable, you'll have 15-20 Surges (depending on starting stats, ED, and magic items).

You should absolutely MC into a Martial Class, you need to to qualify for Epic Recovery (and Epic Recovery is also the reason you're going to use a con-based GM, since you also need 19 con). Your Reflex will be terrible. Rather then trying to boost it much, take Robust Defenses and Epic Will. Extra damage tends to target Reflex, Stun/Daze/Dominate/etc tend to target Will. Damage you can soak, daze/stun/dominate are bad for a Defender.

DWT and Weapon Focus don't stack.

All I got atm.
I knew WF and DWT didn't stack. I merely made the list of feats for a reference when building the character and included WF in case I don't go hammers.

Improved Second Wind was already almost guaranteed to not make the final cut, but I thought I'd add it just in case.

I'll most likely MC Warlord because I'm in love with the Earthfast Brigadier PP, but if I was to take a different PP, MC Fighter would be my prime option.

I'll most likely boost my Will as you said, because I don't see a point in boosting my Relfex from 'always hit' to '90% hit'
My group currently has a second wind focussed Warden (level 27) and it's awesome. We get expertise and robust defenses for free as a campaign rule. His NADs are a little low but when he second winds, which he gets 3x an encounter, they get bumped up 7 points to where he's nearly unhittable. It was built at level 27, so the order of feats might be a little different and a few of the lower level powers could be better chosen.

I wouldn't think of any other martial class besides Fighter because of Hindering Shield... it turns almost every attack a Warden has that doesn't already slow or immobilize into an attack that does! That gives you the Crippling Crush bonus damage and makes you even more sticky.

The frost cheese was put in because is synergizes really well with Icewrought Sentinel and Hindering Shield (which mean that every attack but his MBA slides 3 and slows.) It's super sticky and self reliant and that allowed our leader to all but ignore heals with their build.

BTW, Eternal Defender rocks, giving reach 2 and a Mordenkrad in one hand! I'm sure you can go for a more defendery build, but this one plays as a one man army. The adjusted second wind number is 83, 166 when bloodied due to cloak of walking wounded.

====== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&D Character Builder ======
Secund McWindy, level 27
Dwarf, Warden, Icewrought Sentinel, Eternal Defender
Build: Earth Warden
Guardian Might: Earthstrength
Str 25, Con 25, Dex 13, Int 12, Wis 17, Cha 10.
Str 16, Con 16, Dex 11, Int 10, Wis 13, Cha 8.

AC: 45 Fort: 38 Reflex: 35 Will: 36
HP: 239 Surges: 18 Surge Value: 66
Nature +21, Endurance +25, Athletics +23, Perception +21, Heal +21
Acrobatics +12, Arcana +14, Bluff +13, Diplomacy +13, Dungeoneering +18, History +14, Insight +16, Intimidate +13, Religion +14, Stealth +12, Streetwise +13, Thievery +12
Level 1: Crippling Crush
Level 2: Sudden Roots
Level 4: Dwarven Weapon Training
Level 6: Toughness
Level 8: Wintertouched
Level 10: Battle Awareness
Level 11: Hindering Shield
Level 12: Earthstrength Defenses
Level 14: Shielded Resurgence
Level 16: Armor Specialization (Hide) (retrained to Second Skin at Level 21)
Level 18: Dwarven Durability
Level 20: Lasting Frost
Level 21: Earthstrength Might
Level 22: Enduring Font
Level 24: Rapid Wild Defense
Level 26: Epic Recovery
Feat User Choice: Weapon Expertise (Hammer)
Feat User Choice: Robust Defenses

Warden at-will 1: Weight of Earth
Warden at-will 1: Thorn Strike
Warden encounter 1: Roots of Stone
Warden daily 1: Form of Winter's Herald
Warden utility 2: Nature's Abundance
Warden encounter 3: Burst of Earth's Fury
Warden daily 5: Boiling Cloud
Warden utility 6: Treacherous Ice
Warden encounter 7: Guardian's Pounce
Warden daily 9: Form of the Oak Sentinel
Warden utility 10: Spiritual Rejuvenation
Warden encounter 13: Stormhowler's Strike (replaces Roots of Stone)
Warden daily 15: Form of the Crushing Mountain (replaces Boiling Cloud)
Warden utility 16: Fortress of Stone
Warden encounter 17: Warden's Lure (replaces Guardian's Pounce)
Warden daily 19: Form of the Stonecrusher (replaces Form of the Oak Sentinel)
Warden utility 22: Renewal
Warden encounter 23: Darkforest Vines (replaces Burst of Earth's Fury)
Warden daily 25: Form of the Entangling Spider (replaces Form of the Stonecrusher)
Warden encounter 27: Glacial Hammer (replaces Stormhowler's Strike)

Heavy Shield, Gloves of Ice (epic tier), Iron Armbands of Power (paragon tier), Frost Mordenkrad +6, Elderhide Armor of Enduring Health +6, Cloak of the Walking Wounded +5, Boots of Quickness (paragon tier), Circlet of Indomitability (paragon tier), Belt of Mountain Endurance (paragon tier), Ring of the Fallen (paragon tier), Ring of Personal Gravity (paragon tier), Strongheart Tattoo (paragon tier), Battle Standard of the Hungry Blade (heroic tier), Siberys Shard of Merciless Cold (epic tier), Foe Binder Ring (paragon tier)


Race: Dwarf is a no-brainer. There's really no argument here for anything but Dwarf.

Tribal Champion's AP feature + Form of he Frenzied Wolverine will give you 2+ rounds of Second wind as a minor for any race (but obviously, less then ideal)

here's a previous thread on the topic i have bookmarked:
Is this worth pursuing, or is optimizing second winds just not as good as it seems? Any and all comments are appreciated.

The good thing about optimizing second wind is that it's not incompatible with other optimization packages, and every piece is incremental, so you don't have to go whole-hog. Picking up Cloak of the Walking Wounded is a big first step, and some wardens find that to be enough since you have the surges for it not to matter. After that is trying to get additional uses of second wind, and finally making you the toughest SOB on the board after you use it.

So, Cloak of the Walking Wounded + Armor of Enduring Health + Epic Recovery + Earthstrength Defenses means you second wind 3 times an encounter, and each time you do, you get two surges worth and 2+Con Mod (so around 8-10 at level 30) to all your defenses. That's three feats (including Battle Awareness) and your neck and armor slots.

Once you've gotten past the low hanging fruit, I would go for things that add to your surge value, because with the Cloak they're doubled.

The further you specialize, the more you find diminishing returns, so it's up to you how far you go with it. The options presented above are a really good start, and still leave plenty of feats for stuff such as the entire frost package.
Yes, I am a defender apologist. A Rock and a Hard Place: A Warden Handbook
Here's a nice thing if you wanna get your surge value up.

Dragonborn, Combat Veteran(warlord PP), Reincarnate Champion(dwarf) gives you 3x con mod added to each surge spent.

Using this i once built a battlemind(con 28) that had a surge value of over 100.

Wow, lots of replies.

@dracano: Looks like a solid build to me, and one I'll probably take some inspiration off.

@tilobin: thanks for the link. I'll be mulling over that for a littlw while.

@AlphaAnt: Yeah, I was definately leaning towards more of a dual-optimized character, probably optimizing my second winds and then just go for some general stickiness. I absolutely see where you're coming from with the further you specialize, the more diminishing returns you get. I'll keep that in mind.

@jabblin: While I don't disagree that that's a nice way to get a higher surge value, I feel like it wouldn't be all too playable until you reach epic, and I hate building those characters. I know a lot of people on this forum only deal with level 30, but I like builds that are solid 1-30. That does seem like a nice trick though.

Perhaps going Stormheart instead of Earthstrength. It will allow your Second Winds to effect the battlefield in a controller fashion which could help to up the builds Stickness and Defending.
Actually.... I think I figured out a way to make a Warden Ultimate Defender.
If I ever get around to posting a full build write-up, I'll definately make some alternates with using the different Guardian Mights.

Keep the comments coming everyone, as if I feel like I have enough of a solid start, I'll start working on a full 1-30 write up.
Will post ideas as I come up with them.

This thread has inspired me to start work on my own warden build as I had been looking for a build to represent this pic.
I think a Stormheart Warden will work perfectly.
@ alcestis: if you are going to make an ultimate defender, i suggest you go for wildsblood instead of earthstrenght. i play in a party where we play this identical build, and he is great, but he is more resilient than neccesary, and if not being by our merciful dm, we would all be dead and he would walk out alive, wich is the opposite of what an ultimate defender is about. having wardens hps is more than enough to survive most battles, and wildsblood is the one that truly disincesntives the enemies to attack the enemies and focus on warden. earthstrenght is the total opposity: his defenses burst so much that opponents just shift/charge away from him. and mobility sucks, so artillery will mostly decimate the party before he can get to defend. wildsblood on the other hand has an excellent mobility
Nice picture Obtuse. Yeah, I'll most likely make this build an Earthstrength so I don't impose on your awesome dwarf.

@saigon: Earthstrength Wardens are abolutely fantastic. As long as you play them right, you should have enough ways to disincentive enemies to attack allies. The best way by making them not be able to reach them, since you have a multitude of ways to slow and produce hindering terrain. These are available for every warden, and are things no warden should go without.
this i understand, and you are right. yet, i commented based on actual game table experience, for its a logic (unless the dm is like ours, that role plays marks to the very core). i am a dm myself, and i run a little different, for i run with the pros/cons of attacking the defender, without loosing the marks flavor, of course :0

Basicly I think the point is don't go overboard with defense, an Earthstrength Warden can do that easily. This makes the choice a defender presents lean towards the enemies attempting to attack the Wardens allies rather then him. This is a bad thing as that is not what you are supposed to be doing.

Yeah, it's really opinion-based, so I won't bash your comments by saying something along the lines of "omg Earthstrength is the best omg you need to be an earthstrength cuz wildblood sux". I just really love the flavor of Earthstrength wardens because I find Wildbloods to be a little too ferocious for what I imagine the warden being. Oh well, you can really make this style of build with any of the Guardian Mights.

@Obtuse: Yeah, that is definately something I need to keep in mind while making this build.

Also, what do you guys think about making it a Life Spirit warden? Do you think that'd be good in the sense that it provides a lot of back-up heals to the leader, or does it not matter as much for this build as to what GM we choose?

i think it can be a great addition to a party, depending on the leader. i believe that the 2 players that need to complement each other are defender/leader, because certain combinations allow for certain classes to be playable/good/optimized, while others remain poor choices. for example, you just cant play a bard-assault swordmage together (assuming the are the main leader/defender in the group), because the swormage simply cant take the punishment, and bard is a poor healer. on the other hand, assault SM-artificer is simply great, allowing SM to excel, because he wont run out f surges by the 3 fight of the day (game experience: in the campaing i DM, swormage ran out of HS by first half of the day!!!!).
so lifeblood can be wonderful with leaders that are poor healers but excel at other options (like bard, taclord,runepriest), because he will fill the healing spot missing and allow to exploit different kind of leader benefits. 
For me personally I try to make my Defenders with as much healing and durability as possible. Prefering to not have to be the worry of the leader because I can heal myself just fine.

As for the Life Spirit Warden yes it can be good to help in your role of protector though it is more of a reactive version of defending. Look at the Paladin as an example of how that can work.
If I ever do get to making a 1-30 write up, I'll probably end up making variants of each individual Guardian Might, as it seems like any of them would be very viable options for the build. For the main build I guess I'll just go Earthstrength for the classic tank-y feel.

Thanks guys, I'll start mulling over everything and probably start at some point soon. Feel free to keep the comments coming, as help is always appreciated.
If I ever do get to making a 1-30 write up, I'll probably end up making variants of each individual Guardian Might, as it seems like any of them would be very viable options for the build. For the main build I guess I'll just go Earthstrength for the classic tank-y feel.

Thanks guys, I'll start mulling over everything and probably start at some point soon. Feel free to keep the comments coming, as help is always appreciated.

The dwarf appears to be getting th option to go +2 str, + con so this build just got even better.
I attempted this as my first Char Opp offering back in June when I was pretty Noobish... even more so than now hehe...

heres the original thread


Here is the rebuilt idea that I just posted which I believe is more worthwhile


I will go into more detail with strategies for stickiness and form synergies but the gist of it is there... could use some help with item optimization and such
If I ever do get to making a 1-30 write up, I'll probably end up making variants of each individual Guardian Might, as it seems like any of them would be very viable options for the build. For the main build I guess I'll just go Earthstrength for the classic tank-y feel.

Thanks guys, I'll start mulling over everything and probably start at some point soon. Feel free to keep the comments coming, as help is always appreciated.

The dwarf appears to be getting th option to go +2 str, + con so this build just got even better.

Dear lord if thats the case with the strength option I am STOKED
If I ever do get to making a 1-30 write up, I'll probably end up making variants of each individual Guardian Might, as it seems like any of them would be very viable options for the build. For the main build I guess I'll just go Earthstrength for the classic tank-y feel.

Thanks guys, I'll start mulling over everything and probably start at some point soon. Feel free to keep the comments coming, as help is always appreciated.

The dwarf appears to be getting th option to go +2 str, + con so this build just got even better.

Yeah I just read that...wow is all I have to say to that Laughing.

Dwarves just became THE option for really the majority of defenders.
Muls are +2 Con; +2 Str or +2 Wis so great for defenders too. Would love to see an ultimate defender using a warden.
A great item for this build is Defensive Weapon (AV) which gives a bonus to all defenses equal to its enhancement bonus when you use secon wind or total defense.  Between that and the earthstrength class feature a warden will be unhittable.
Figured I would post this here as well... This is my primary build in a gnarly epic campaign I am playing and I really need to make sure he's right before I hit next level (22) - I always have to DM so I need to make him count!

With this build we are going to look at the ways to completely beef up all defenses for as long as possible via second wind and other defensive warden forms and items.  While accomplishing this would be easy from a "break the 20" standpoint, the goal (thanks to gentle criticism ala Aclestis) is to create a truly worthwhile defender.

This build boasts FIVE second wind uses per encounter and a variety of ways to create a truly Sticky situation for all who dare oppose you.  Will post more complete breakdown soon.  All comments welcome, please help me make better.

30th level Dwarven Earthstrength Warden/MC Fighter 
Firstborn of Moradin/Chosen (Moradin)

STR 28
CON 26
DEX 13
INT 10
WIS 14
CHR 12

HPS - 261

Base Defenses
AC 48
REF 43   
WILL 46 

Weapon Expertise (Hammers)
Mark of Warding - extra +1 to defenses granted from powers, -3 to attack allies when marked
Crippling Crush
Weapon Focus (Hammers)
Wrathful warrior
Dwarven Durability
Earthstrength defenses
Back to the Wall - (retrained to Bludgeon mastery)
Armor Specialization Hide (retrained to Second Skin)
Encouraging Shield
Crushing Earthstrength
Second Skin (Retrained Armor Specialization Hide)
Epic Recovery
Robust Defenses
Earthstrength Might
Epic Reflexes
Epic Will
Sudden Roots



At Will - Weight of earth - for slowing
At Will - Thorn Strike - for stickiness
ENC 1 - Roots of Stone 
Daily 1 - Form of Winters Herald
Utility 2 - Endure pain (skill power) - nice immediate interrupt damage resistance
ENC 3 - Rough Strike
Daily 5 - Boiling Cloud
Utility 6 - wrathful mastery - super nice attack and damage bonus
ENC 7 - Mountain hammer
Daily 9 - Form of the Oak Sentinel
Utility 10 - Spiritual Rejuvenation - more second wind
ENC 13 - Stormhowler's Strike
Daily 15 - Form of the Crushing Mountain - awesome form worth keeping
Utility 16 - Diehard (skill power) - great if you need it
ENC 17 - Warden's Lure - huge burst long pull awesome sticky
Daily 19 - Warding Smash
Utility 22 - Renewal - regain ENC power
ENC 23- Eager Vine Strike - nasty debuff
Daily 25 - Form of the Entangling Spider - sticky sticky sticky
ENC 27 - Glacial Hammer - this will make you uber popular with striker buddies
Daily 29 - Form of the Starmetal Warrior - either this or the phoenix form undecided

Paragon Path - Firstborn of Moradin

Dwarven Resurgance 16th Level - make a save against all effects a save can end after using second wind - awesome

Recieve the Charge - enemy enters a square next to you (even when pulled) Encounter Immediate Interrupt Swipe 2(w)damage

Mountain Stance Strike 20th level - +2 bonus AC(+3 with mark of warding) and ignore all forced movement/being knocked prone.

Epic destiny - Chosen of Moradin

Forge of Creation - until end of next turn you and any allies who hit an enemy regain their second wind, a healing surge, and the use of a daily magic item power


+6 ElderHide Armor of Enduring Health (extra second wind)
+6 Defensive Warhammer - add +6 (untyped) to all defenses after second wind till start of next turn
Shield of Ultimate Protection - untyped+ 2 to Fort and Will as a minor action add +5 to all defenses until the end of the encounter(untyped).  This is a daily item power which can be renewed with Forge of Creation.
Shadow band - essentially +2 to defenses
Amulet of Protection - Generic + to NADS
Ring of Guarded Will - +2 item bonus to Will
Circlet of Indomitability - +2 bonus to Will (untyped)
Belt of Vim - +3 to Fortitude (untyped)
Boots of Quickness - +3 to reflex (untyped)

expected gold - 14,625,00
Total - 15,085,000  --------this is where I need a little help bringing my gold total down

Fully Optimized Defenses -

AC - 48
Second Wind AC - 56
Mountain Stance AC - 59 (lasts for encounter)
Defensive Weapon - 65 (Start of next turn after second wind)
ShadowBand - 67 (Always)
Form of the Crushing Mountain - 70 or Form of StarMetal Warrior - 71  (Standard till end of Encounter)
Shield of Ultimate Protection - 76 (Minor action till end of the encounter)

Second Wind - 62
Shield of Ultimate Proection - 67
Shadowband - 69
Defensive Weapon - 75

Second wind - 59
Shield of Ultimate Protection -64
Shadowband - 66
Defensive Weapon - 71

Second Wind - 62
Shield of Ultimate Proection - 67
Shadowband - 69
Defensive Weapon - 71 (because ring is a typed bonus so its lower than fort)

Sample "Sticky Nova"


Minor Action - Second Wind

Move Action - Move into Place (or use as minor action to enable shield if already in good place)

Standard Action - Form of the Crushing Mountain

Action Point - Warden's Lure- 4 square burst-pull all enemies u can see 3 squares and make attack
note attack need not be succesfull...Pull happens 1st

As enemies enter adjacent square utilize your free "Receive the Charge" attack

Free Action - Mark all adjacent enemies

2nd Turn
minor - Shield of ultimate defense daily power
Move (minor) - something *cough*
Action - Glacial hammer - restrain all sourrounding enemies till end of next turn

So all enemies around you can't shift, they have to use movement to move incurring OA's which they will then be slowed.  If they try to make any other attack against an ally then Warden's Fury Immediate erupt kicks in.  not to mention their attacks are at -3.  Now freeze them into place for 2 rounds... regain Warden's lure if neccesary or even glacial Hammer again.  Tighten the screws and let your mates do the mopping up!

This is just the bare bones Sticky Nova, I will optimize further via extra actions etc...
Assuming the Essential's Preview is correct I think I may have a Ultimate Defender canidate with my Stormheart build. As the only thing holding back before was the pesky Strength Score.
Can I ask why people tend to focus on Earthstrength over Stormheart?

Especially for a second wind focused build, the ability to rearrange the field of combat multiple times is adding a lot of controller to a build.
I think primarily it is becuase the Earthstrength Warden has more support overall (some of which is really good). This means that you can tack on more effects to the Second Wind then a stormheart can, I personally agree with you that from a defender (note defender not tank) perspective Stormheart is better.

I personally think that Stormheart, and Wildbloods make the best defenders with Second Wind Optimization, and perhaps in general. Now when it comes to being nearly impossible to kill the Earthstrength has the edge.
It all comes down to personal preference really, and maybe a little of your DM's game style. If he throws rediculously high-level enemies at you, but not many at a time, Earthstrength is probably the better option, as they have the best chance of surviving, and shuffling around the battlefield isn't very helpful with 2-3 enemies.

However, if your campaign has a lot of lower-level enemies, Stormheart seems the way to go, as shuffling around a large group of enemies means more survivability and easier ways to get CA/kills.

It's mostly just which one you like better or which one you want to build your character for: epic survivability or mass shuffling.
actually this build does both,  I have updated both of the build threads to include the "Sticky Nova" strategy.  So the basic purpose of this build is

A) be unhittable/unkillable

B) Lock down enemies around me and punish them for even thinking about moving with OA's and immediate interrupts via warden class features.  Still need help optimizing with items/extra actions.

Thanks for input Grey warden and for reviving interest in this topic... It seems you are as passionate about Wardens being an Ultimate Defender candidate as I am!  Plan to have this build broken down and finished soon...hope you don't mind me also posting it on your thread.  I am very intrigued about your Leader/Defender meld via the Warlord and it's PP.  Good stuff.

I also am looking for any good "name" suggestions to call this build as I hardly expect it to be considered for the Ultimate Defender guide without an appropriate title Cool

Taking a look at your build again, you could probably just go without the boots that upgrade reflex and instead take the cloak over the basic amulet. I haven't looked at the prices yet (just as a minor note, you should probably put prices on your items list. Makes it easier for us to recommend different items.) but from the looks of it, -3 to your reflex isn't the worst thing you can do, and the cloak is definately worth it.

I don't mind you posting your build at all Laughing. It's always nice getting different perspectives on build ideas like this one, and people making 2 different builds utilizing the same idea is always fun.

I can't really think of a clever name right now, but if I do, I'll post it here.

For those interested here are my notes on the Stormheart build. Note I do assume the new stat changes from Essentials in my work up as the Dwarf one have been confirmed by the preview. If that changes then the build will need to be reworked.

Base Stats: 16 [9] 14 [5] 13 [3] 8 14 [5] 10 
After Racial: 18 16 13 10 14 8

Race: Dwarf (PHB)
Class: Warden (PHB 2)
Class Features: Font of Life, Nature’s Wrath (PHB 2)
Guardian Might: Stormheart (PP)
Multiclass: Fighter (PHB)
Paragon Path: Icewrought Sentinel (PP)
Epic Destiny: Ceaseless Guardian (D 387)

Stat Increases
4th: + 1 Str, +1 Dex
8th: + 1 Str, +1 Con
11th: +1 All
14th: 1 Str, +1 Con
18th: 1 Str, +1 Con
21st: +3 Str, +1 all others
24th: +1 Str, +1 Con
28th: +1 Str, +1 Con


1st: Hafted Defense (PHB 2)
2nd: Weapon Proficiency: Great Spear (PHB)
4th: Sudden Roots (PHB 2) (Retrain to Polearm Momentum)
6th: Battle Awareness (MP)
8th: Swift Spear (D 378)
10th: Weapon Expertise (Spears) (PHB 2)
11th: Armor Specialization: Hide (PHB) (Retrain to Second Skin)
12th: Uncanny Dodge (PHB)
14th: Dwarven Durability (PHB)
16th: Maneuvering Attack (PP)
16th: Polearm Momentum (MP)
18th; Weapon Focus: Spear (PHB)
20th: Paragon Defense (PHB 2) (Retrain to Robust Defense)
21st: Rapid Wild Defense (D 387)
21st: Second Skin (PP)
22nd: Epic Recovery (MP)
22nd: Robust Defense (PHB 2)
24th: Stoneheart Warrior (MP)
26th: Epic Will (PHB 2)
28th: Epic Reflexes (PHB 2)
30th: Superior Initiative (PHB 3)

At Wills
Weight of the Earth (PHB 2)
Tempest Assault (PP)

Encounter Attack Powers
1st: Grasping Wind (PP)
3rd: Burst of Earth’s Fury (PHB 2)
7th: Mountain’s Stature (PP)
11th: Rime Shackles (PP)
13th: Stormhowler’s Strike (PP) (Replaces Mountain’s Stature)
17th: Warden’s Lure (PP) (Replaces Grasping Wind)
27th: Lighting Explosion (PP) (Burst of Earth’s Fury)

Daily Attack Powers
1st: Form of the Winter Herald (PHB 2)
5th: Clutching Mire (PP)
9th: Form of the Stone Sentinel (PHB 2)
15th: Form of the Crushing Mountain (PP) (Replaces Form of the Oak Sentinel)
20th: Form of the Icewrought Sentinel (PP)
25th: Form of the Entangling Spider (PP) (Replaces Form of Clutching Mire)

Utility Powers
2nd: Erupting Font (PP)
6th: Treacherous Ice (PP)
10th: Shared Font of Life (PP)
12th: Icewrought Armor (PP)
16th: Fortress of Stone (PP)
22nd: Eagle’s Wings (PHB 2)
26th: Always Ready (D 387)

The build has 2 key tricks up it sleeve beyond the standard Warden stuff. First is the fact he can use Second Wind as a free action which means he can use it as a Defender tool. By activiting it out of turn and sliding an enemy that he has marked away from an ally there by protecting the ally from an attack. Secondly he uses a Frost Weapon that when combined with the level 16 feature of Icewrought Sentinel makes all his primal attacks (including Warden's Fury) Slide the target 2 squares, which triggers Polearm Momentum for a knockdown. I am still working on a full 1-30 write up but the basics are there.

Thoughts, Suggestions, Comments?

Also any ideas for a name?

Nice build Obtuse. Maybe if you don't mind, I'll post a very similar build in the variants section when I decide to make my Earthstrength.

Looks solid to me.

Hmm...I think I may have found a glitch in my build.

The 16th level feature of the Icewrought Sentinel may not work with Polearm Momentum.

Winter's Winds
When ever you hit an enemy with a primarl cold power, you slide that enemy 2 squares after the attack is resolved.

I think that means that it wouldn't trigger Polearm Momentum as it triggers whenever a attack you make with a polearm or spear slides or pushes an opponent. I think the after the attack is resolved shuts down the Polearm Momentum trick. What do you all think?
Well the primal cold power is made with the polearm so i would assume that it would work.
Yeah I would agree with Koval that it does indeed work.

I finally got around to posting a build, it isn't quite finished yet, but all of the snapshots are there, if you guys wanna take a look, here it is:


On a similar note my version of the Stormheart Warden idea is up (In my sig click The Ice Storm). I think it might be an Ultimate Defender possiblity, but will have to see what people think first before I get ahead of myself.

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