8/06/2010 TWTW: "Hall Monitors"

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This thread is for discussion of this week's The Week That Was, which goes live Friday morning on magicthegathering.com.
"It is possible under the new system for more than five players to get into the Hall..."

But it's unlikely, especially if there are players who are expected to be on every or almost every ballot.

Of course, the selection committee could coordinate their votes - "You 40% vote for Gabriel, and you 40% vote for Saito, and you 40% vote for Anton, and you 40% vote for Guillaume, and..."

I'd like to see further refinements in the voting system to address this issue.  (I don't actually expect that the selection committee to coordinate their votes to that degree, but it's a flaw in the system just that it could be gamed in that way.)
"The only problem I have with casting a ballot for Saito this year is that I did not vote Olivier Ruel in his first year of eligibility due to him having been suspended twice in his career."

"Where this becomes less clear for me is that Saito's suspension was at the very start of his career.."

"I did vote for Bob Maher, Jr. in his first year of eligibility and he had been suspended early on in his career..."

"The recency of the suspension is the major contributor to why I am not considering Katsuhiro Mori for this year's ballot."

Good Lord.  It sounds like every pro is dirty.  Just how many pros are/have been suspended in their careers?
The overwhelming majority of pros are not dirty in the slightest. Also, you don't have to be "dirty" to have been suspended. A one-time mistake, a youthful transgression if you will, can get you there. I haven't filled out my ballot yet, but I'm very happy articles like this exist to help my research where my memory fails me
Are people losing interest in the Hall of Fame? And in 'professional' Magic in general?

A couple of years back this would have generated much more discussions compared to what we have now, here and elsewhere.

i hate to say it, but some of mr david-marshall's statements seem a little heavy, bordering on the point of blatant accusation.

remember that mr david marshall is like a pseudo-celebrity, or at least well-known in the magic community, so what he says is heavily regarded and im sure such bold statements on mori and saito will be the talk of the town.

this is my first post, although i've been an avid reader of all of magic's daily articles (and i've seen some bad ones), this article by mr david marshall clearly compelled me to write in.

ive read mr sheldon menery's article on starcitygames.com

comments like "Katsuhiro Mori: You can’t question his resume, and you can’t question that he came by it dishonestly" almost sounds like slander, and i can't help but feel that his comments has to do with mr david marshall's influence, albeit inappropriate.

being 'so high up' in the community does not give you the license to just say whatever you want.

as peter parker's uncle says:" with great power comes great responsibility"
i believe in responsible writing and not just writing for the sake of writing. blantant, short statements without backing can have a great effect on people's minds. it seems that the two gentlemen are seeking to influence the other voters

it is sad to say that mr menery, as a level 5 judge, whose looked up as a point of authority (his menacing article picture says it all), and mr david marshall, one of magic's medium to the mass audience, are great disappointments.

i sincerely hope that they review their writing and step into the shoes of whom they're referring in the future.

for the good of magic, please write responsibly!
I don't see anything he said as irresponsible.  If those players were suspended at some point in their careers, then it should be mentioned and I would argue that it would be irresponsible to not do so.

If they cheated, they should be called out for it.  Especially if they are being considered for the HOF.

It is only slander if it is not true.
Does that mean that people who have done wrong/made mistakes in the past do not deserve a second chance? If that is what those "higher-ups" in the MTG community think, then why continue playing the game? When you were young, don't your parents forgive you for your blatently ridiculous mistakes? If that is the case, I don't see why we cannot do the same thing here. People should be recognized for their achievements, instead of their failures. If you have done well in your school year, gotten first, would you be denied your certificate for a small prank which you have committed at the start of the year? No. Why should you?

With that said, I would also like to appeal that the Hall of Fame should be selected by the community, in the sense that we get to choose from a pool of people, which is not the FEW selected by whatever council there is. The pool should namely consist of people who have constantly shown results at tournaments.

The Hall of Fame is supposed to inspire people, let people learn from whatever those people who have gotten in have done. It is not a place where favouritism is rampant.
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