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This is the thread for discussing the official coverage of the Magic action at Gen Con 2010. The coverage will be available starting on Friday morning.

Behold its majesty, ye mighty, and ... well, not despair, exactly. That's probably not what we're going for. But ye mighty should be pretty darn impressed, that's for sure.

Percy Bysshe Shelly reference, FTW!
Haha I just got back from Indy about 2 hours ago and to my surprise they snapped a pic of me sitting on the DotP couch while waiting for the Special Standard sealed event, I may not have been able to smile but Bucky the Badger, on the back of my hat, gave the cameraman a stern look for not warning me.

Thank you WotC for helping to create a friendly and fun gaming environment! I'll see ya next year!
To answer the question of King Steve, I point you to this here link. Or, if you're too lazy to click, it's a reference to King Steve from the webcomic 8-Bit Theater.
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