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Hello everyone,

I am set to run D&D Encounters at my local game store starting next week.  There have been two previous sessions run by another DM who can't be there every week.  This means that our game store got a late start in D&D Encounters Season 2.  Whereas Session 8 is scheduled for next week, we are just now reaching Session 5 after playing two encounters at each of the previous sessions.

Should I skip ahead to Session 8 or continue to run multiple encounters per session to catch up with the official schedule?

Thus far, I have been the only player consistently attending, so it's not as if there would be a continuity issue if I skipped ahead to catch us up.  Is there an official ruling or policy on this issue?


flip you on the see side,

i believe the policy is do whatever works best for your location/group.  :D
There was a WPN e-mail that said stores can run multiple sessions.

I would favor running multiple sessions because this will allow for better story and continuity. In addition, chapter 2 sessions are easier - some of those double sessions will go pretty quickly. And, they are easier.

Since you are catching up, I recommend checking out the weekly reviews for each week. They will provide some sound advice from the various DMs on what they did to avoid making the sessions too lethal (as well as tips for making them more fun). The "Ask the Author" thread is also useful as it answers some common questions.

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