Dragon 390 - Editorial: Off to Gencon… or Not

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Dragon 390
Editorial: Off to Gencon… or Not

By Steve Winter

Steve is one of those poor few that have to stay behind from the trip to Indianapolis this month.  That said, there's plenty more even if you're not coming to Gencon this month!  August is filled with a lot, a lot, a lot!  Five product releases – including the highly anticipated Dark Sun Campaign Setting; the standard Class Acts and Winning Races articles, some more Dark Sun support, and Insider-only exclusive previews of Essentials, starting it off with the Slayer kit for Fighters this friday! 

They will be separate previews (stuff not covered in Dragon) for Essentials at Gencon too, so even if you're not going, follow the Tweets!

Finally, Steve discusses an old movie that overlaps some themes with Dark Sun, despite being set in the Arctic: Meriam C. Cooper (of King Kong fame)'s 1935 adaptation of H. Rider Haggard's classic novel, She.  It even includes a Sorcerer-Queen in it!  Check it out, if you have the time!

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