Pregen Character Sheets for Level 3

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Here are the updated and errated pregen character sheets for Level 3.
All errata information can be found in the document itself.

And here is the updated to Level 3 bonus character, Ixylblat (for those of you who want to use him):

A note on formatting: I went through the whole document again and tweaked a couple things:
 - All powers are now alphabetical within their sub-type (At-Will, Encounter, Daily)
 - I clarified the attack field in powers for characters that had multiple choices between weapons, by adding 'or' before the attacks.
 - I added the contents of the adventurer's kit, so players know what resources they have (something that I should have done from the start and is important in a post-apocalyptic scavenging setting. Note that I noted that sunrods may instead be torches if a DM decides he doesn't want sunrods available at his table.

If you notice any issues let me know.
Thanks for the non PDF copy.

Also does Mist Weapon have no effect if its un-augmented? 
Yeah, no effect un-augmented.

Extremely situation pick I guess but I suppose that's a hint of to things to come.
Is anyone working on leveling the game day characters to level 3?
Thanks for the non PDF copy.

Also does Mist Weapon have no effect if its un-augmented? 

Mist Weapon targets Reflex, so it's like having a +2 to hit in most situations since the non-AC defenses tend to be about 2 lower.
Good catch didn't notice that.
Updated original post with a link to my bonus character updated to level 3.
Thank you for the Updated Original Pre-Gens!
Also, is there any chance of getting the 2nd Set of Characters? 
You'll have to ask mithreinmaethor about that. He was the one who converted the Free RPG Day Characters with my template originally.

I was just maintaining the originals.
 Thanks for the hard Work TDN.

For anyone that used the level 2 "tweaked" characters I made here are the level three versions. I did not swap any of the level three encounter powers out from the official pregens.

Please tell me if you see any errors.

3rd edit to clairify and make page layout cleaner
I'm second from the left in the picture.

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Awesome possum!

Thank you both, ThatDamnNinja and Kedrith! I am very appreciative of y'all's hard work! These files (and the fact that players at the other table printed them out so I could photocopy them for my table) completely saved my bacon last week!


---One grateful backup DM
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