We would like an Index of all the D&D 4th Edition materials

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What's really lacking for players and DMs at this point in time is an index of items for the 4th edition materials. I guess we can perform searches using the D&DI Compendium, but rather than performing a search, it might be nice to browse through a crosslinked index. For instance, a DM from one of my games wants to know where to get more information on the Shadowfell. It would be cool to see a listing of all the sources of info on the Shadowfell (splat books, monster tomes, adventure modules, novels) so that he could draw from those sources to spice up our adventure. The index could be a simple HTML page in the DDI area, because it would be pretty valuable. It would need to be updated whenever new products come out, but could then help to pinpoint areas where players & DMs could use more info from the mother ship.

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