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Okay I have created a Githzerai Monk which I am enjoying a bit.

I have a couple of questions.

1) Full disciplines, Am I able use both the move technique and the attack of At-Will and Encounter disciplines,  if I have a move and standard action available? Or am I only able to use the move or the attack?

2) I picked up a vicious weapon +2, but I also have the monk unarmed strike, is it better to get a Ki-focus and stay with the unarmed strike or get a weapon? (right now i have it as quarterstaff, but if a Ki-focused unarmed strike would be more useful I would sell that and get a ki-focus)

SO thos are my questions right now,
1) With full disciplines you can use both the standard attack and the movement technique (which may not be a move action). You can choose to not use the movement technique part and do a normally available move action too.

As I said, the movement technique may not be a move action. In some cases, they may be an immediate action triggered by something. In that case, when you use a full discipline that has an "immediate interrupt/response" movement technique, you can use a normal movement on your turn, but the "immediate" movement technique is available for you to use once until the start of your next turn.

2) I think the consensus on the Character Optimization boards is that using a weapon is currently superior to the unarmed strike. Feat/weapon combinations can provide monks more combat benefits than you can get using unarmed strike/ki focus, but LFR doesn't really require you to be "optimized" to do well, so if you want to be a monk that uses unarmed strike, roll (role) with it.
Awesome, thank you very much.
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