Looking for MtG players in Guernsey Channel Islands

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Please send me a message or reply here.

Couple of us looking for more opponents


I have been looking for a MTG group in Guernsey.
I am currently Based in Belfast where I usually play but will be over to Guernsey in ten days. I will be staying for two weeks and would love to catch up for some gaming.
I am planning a move to Guernsey in the future so would be good then to make it a regular thing.
Is there no MTG guild in Guernsey?


Hi i've just recently got back into MTG and have been searching for opponents on Guernsey I live in St Peter Port and i'm looking for players to provide a challenge!

Hey, are you guys all still looking for more players? Will you even get notified of this message seeing as this thread is over 2 years old (sorry for the necro)?

I recently found a bunch of my old cards, and would like to play a few games.


Hi guys,

I'm also in St peter port. Looking for a couple of games if anyone is interested.

Evening all,

Just stumbled upon this and was wondering if there is still any interest.

Two of us based in Guernsey are looking for a few more people to play against. I know there used to be a gaming club that ran many, many years ago of a weekend but have no idea if its still going, would be grateful if anyone can let me know if it still exists.


I realise it's been about a year, but I'm up for some Magic.


Having browsed around Google for a while, it doesn't look like the gaming club is still going, I'm afraid.

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