Super Castri

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I leveled my Castri to 2 instead of using the WotC official or the errata.

I retrained Imp. Init since Castri's high Init usually has you either taking unnecessary damage, or delaying. In its place I took Weapon Expertise (Axe) which puts his carrikal attack roll up to the same as the flint dagger (at level 2, +9).

Instead of taking Two Weapon Fighting for extra damage, I took Impending Victory (+1 atk rolls w/ at-wills vs. bloodied creatures).

Obviously, +atk is more important to me than +dmg, at least at the low levels. Having played Castri since the first session, I've seen too many misses and I'm trying to correct that.

For the level 2 utility, I did not want to take Invigorating Stride, so I took Scrambling Climb. Chapter 1 saw lots of climbing opportunities, and the power got used in 2-1 to get back into the fight after falling off the bridge. I don't know how much climbing chapter 3 has, but if it does, my Castri will be all over that.

So, throttled init, and +9-10 to attack rolls. The 'personality' of Castri, for those few who believe in such a concept, is preserved while making him perform his role more effectively, imo.
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