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I upgraded the stock Purple Worm.  As a solo I didn't feel that it was "scary" enough.  I essentially gave him his old edition acid attacks and an encounter level power, templated off of the old edition monster.  I also upgraded his damage to the new expressions.

The only thing that I'm concerned with is that he doesn't do much soldiering other than his high defenses.  But then again he's really not going to be encountered with much so marking or other defenderesque properties seem kind of pointless.

I'm going to throw in a child worm with him as well to round out the encounter, but that will just be a level 14 soldier with minor acid abilities.

Purple Worm (updated)    Level 16 Solo Soldier
Huge natural beast     XP 7,000

HP 780; Bloodied 390
AC 33; Fortitude 34; Reflex 30; Will 29

Speed 6, burrow 3 (tunneling)
Immune gaze, illusion
Saving Throws +5; Action Points 2
Initiative +13  Perception +10  Blindsight 10, Tremorsense 20

Standard Actions
m Bite • At-Will
Attack: Reach 3; +21 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d8 + 11 damage plus the target is grabbed (until escape). The purple worm cannot make bite attacks while grabbing a creature, but it can use clamping jaws.

M Clamping Jaws • At-Will
Attack: If a purple worm begins its turn with a target grabbed in its jaws, it makes an attack against the grabbed creature:; +21 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d8 + 11 damage.
Miss: Half damage.

M Swallow • At-Will
Attack: The purple worm tries to swallow a bloodied Medium or smaller creature it is grabbing; +21 vs. Fortitude
Hit: The target is swallowed. The swallowed target is inside the purple worm and is dazed and restrained until it is no longer swallowed. The swallowed target has line of sight and line of effect only to the purple worm, and no creature has line of sight or line of effect to the swallowed target. The only attacks the swallowed target can make are basic attacks. At the start of each of the purple worm’s turns, the swallowed target takes 10 damage plus 10 acid damage. When the purple worm dies, the target is no longer swallowed and can escape as a move action, appearing in the purple worm’s former space.

R Acid Bath (acid) • Encounter
Requirements: The worm cannot have a victim in its jaws.
Attack: 5 blast 3 (all creatures); +21 vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + 11 The targets are covered in purple worm acid, and they take ongoing 10 acid damage and are blinded (save ends both).  After the first save the target takes ongoing 5 acid damage (save ends)  After a worm uses this attack it can no longer use it's Acid Spit power for the rest of the encounter.
Effect: 5d8 + 15 ongoing acid damage (10) and blinded (save ends both).
Miss:  Half Damage

Minor Actions
R Acid Spit (acid) • At-Will
Requirements: The purple worm cannot have a victim in its jaws.
Attack: Range 5 blast 3 (all creatures); +21 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d6 + 8 ongoing ACID damage (10) save ends.

Triggered Actions
C Bloodied Acid (acid) • At-Will
Trigger: When worm is bloodied.
Attack (Immediate Interrupt): Close burst 3 (all creatures affected); +21 vs. Reflex
Hit: 3d6 + 8 When the worm is bloodied, it's body oozes its acidic blood, spraying all those near with it.  Creatures struck by this take an ongoing 10 points of acid damage (save ends).

Str 24 (+15)    Dex 16 (+11)    Wis 14 (+10)
Con 20 (+13)    Int 2 (+4)    Cha 4 (+5)
Alignment unaligned     Languages —

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thread necro - found this on a google serach and used it as the shoggoth in a 4e version of COC's 'Look to the Future' part 2 of Shadows of Yog-Sothoth.  Good times.
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