Saving Throw Versus Love- a comedy for NYC gamers

Hi folks!   I have a play going up in the NYC International Fringe Festival this August!  Here's the press release:


Saving Throw Versus Love

               by Larry Brenner


The Players Theatre, 115 Macdougal St

 SUN 8/15 @ 4:00-5:40

WED 8/18 @ 2:00-3:40

FRI 8/20 @ 2:15-3:55

SAT 8/21 @ 7:00-8:40

TUE 8/24 @ 9:00-10:40

Tickets are on sale NOW at


In Saving Throw Versus Love, Carol thinks her fiancee Sam goes to a weekly poker game. But Sam has a terrible secret-he’s a seventh level Elven thief. Will Carol be able to accept Sam’s hobby? And can Grolock the Barbarian slay the evil Werewolf?


Check out our website at for more information.

Also, if you're interested in donating to our event and getting some neat prizes, you can do so at:

You can follow us on Twitter!  Look for Saving Throw Love

Here's an interview with a couple of the actors!

Just got our first review!

Four more performances-  next one is tomorrow!

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