Black is gimped (Pox plays what?)

Chimeric Idol
Nether Spirit

Are all not available online. If anyone plays Pox I was wondering what your decklists are? I am figuring with the amount of non-basics in Legacy online that maybe Choking Sands is the best alternative to Sinkhole. How would you rate it compared to Icequake (100% better than Rain of Tears at least), or Rancid Earth?

Chimeric Idol is the best threat that Pox has imo. It activates for 0 cost, and tapping lands is the effect. You cannot play this with Mishra's Factory but without Urborg, Tomb Of Yawgmoth in your deck, playing Factory with Pox is difficult anyway.

Bloodghast would be the next strongest to Nether Spirit. I don't think Reassembling Skeleton has a big enough body to warrant an include.

Epochrasite is solid. Pox can handle waiting 4 turns to get it back too.

I'm on the fence for Tombstalker. Yes it is strong. Yes it will have a lot to munch on in your graveyard, but only the first time you play it. You can only really play 1 or 2 in your deck. They fail hard to being Boomerang'd. I guess it isn't any slower than Epochrasite can be.

For totems the best ones I found are,

Chimeric Sphere
Phyrexian Totem
Darksteel Brute

Cursed Scroll is another good artifact win condition.


How this decks works is that you are symetrically sacrificing lands, creatures, and discarding your cards. You need to keep a maximum of 3 lands in play. Crucible Of Worlds is a dead slot it is easier just playing more lands and playing them as you go.

Innocent Blood

You can also throw in a couple Diabolic Edict or Smother.


Decks that this is really strong against are anything that 'go off' having a certain number of lands. like decks playing Gamble / Sneak Attack or decks that play Phyrexian Dreadnought.

Against burn this is 50/50. If you get a lot of land destroy you get a lot of tempo advantage on them and you can remove a lot of their burn spells through discard. this deck can be slow though and burn can destroy many of your threats that you play.

This deck is a swiss army knife to combo generally you are discarding their pieces and it should be hard for them to win and get them all.

It is difficult for this deck to deal with things that use the graveyard as a resource (everything is sick when you play this deck and going there constantly), but since Pox doesn't need it's own graveyard it can deal with sideboarding anti-graveyard hate.

This deck loses to bad luck and the shuffler. It can be hard to mulligan. You need to pox/smallpox and have something in your opening hand to win with. You need to top-deck into answers and since you dont play many threats if you dont have one in your opening hand I have found it is best to mulligan.

Pox is one of my favorite decks, right under Sui. But It's not really playable in the current meta.

It's too slow for the format.

Right now, the Legacy meta is pretty undefined but all the decks played have serious threats coming down on turn 1 or 2, even if they aren't winning until turn 6 or 7 or 8.

Merfolk usually drops a Vial on turn 1, which neatly skirts Pox.
Zoo can operate on 1 land, and with multiple threats on turn 3, Pox can't handle them all fast enough.
Control matchups are a little more favored but I think the overall card quality for control is justplain  better. Obviously Sinkhole would be a big plus if it was available. The three mana LD spells are, again, too slow.

Pox is a Sorcery speed deck living in an Instant speed world. WotC continues to print great Aggro and Control cards, but cards that have synergy with Pox just don't get made anymore.

Guess what? Chicken butt.

There was a thread started about Pox in Classic a few years ago. Here's the link if you want to get any more deck ideas from it:

Im going to post my Pox deck that I use online in the Classic section also. So feel free to use that for any help as well.

Link to my Classic

Here are some of my favorites for the deck:
Funeral Charm
Kaervek's Spite
Spinning Darkness

Also, for creatures I play Steel Golem, aka "Bedpan Elemental".

IDK, everyone plays it differently, or maybe just me,. But hopefully this helps(along with my link and my decklist)