Encounter 2-2 (Session 7) DM Mod [DMs only; stay out mere mortals]

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I've changed up the map a bit since I have a set each of DU3 Caves of Carnage and DT6 Dire Tombs.

My players will start on the stairs instead of the middle of the room. After the worn stairs I'm using the Dire Tomb stairs, with Caves of Carnage rubble beside it and at the bottom. I'm using the long web tile and the short "magic-y zone" tile for the webbed area. I'll put the pit tile on there when it's discovered. I'm using the Caves of Carnage ruined door tile behind the long web tile beside the "magic-y zone" tile to create a false, once true, exit that has since been sealed off by a rockfall. I'm doing all of this to give a sense that the necromantic energy of the tomb was weak and has all but failed where they started the chapter but is slowly growing stronger and has better maintained the tomb over the eons as they approach the end.

The landing at the bottom of the stairs is connected to the indicated starting area with the same tile used to connect the encounter 2-3 area to the encounter 2-4 and 2-5 areas. It's the diagonal, golden-tile tile.

That hallway will have three of the dart thrower traps from encounter 2-3 in its middle.

I also plan to start my PCs at the beginning of a similar hallway for 2-4, rather than at its end as indicated on the map. And I'm going to line the hallway with the same traps in a similar way.

I think that rather than becoming boring, reusing features like this gives the adventure area a sense of place and theme and will make the adventurers feel rewarded for avoiding the traps a second time (or teach them a lesson if they don't).

I'm also feeling inspired after receiving the "Tomb of Horrors" DM reward.