Mono Black - Mosquitoes with Guns

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I was playing around with a Vampire idea with lots of creatures and some helpful stuff to leech a bunch of life. Let me know what you think. I tried to be to the point and include as much life stealing techniques as possible and beef up the vampires with artifacts, as well as some to protect them, and some aggressive spells to diversify. Also some ways to send creatures to the graveyard for the counters and ensure my lifelink reaches the player and a coupleĀ Feldon's Cane in case of a drawn out game. I enjoy feedback so please, express criticism. Thanks.

60 Cards
Swamp (16)
Crypt of Agadeem (4)

Soul Collector (4)
Vampire Nighthawk (4)
Child of Night (4)
Blood Seeker (2)
Pulse Tracker (4)

Blood Tribute (2)
Urge to Feed (2)
Feast of Blood (3)

Whispersilk Cloak (3)
Basilisk Collar (3)
Blade of the Bloodchief (4)
Feldon's Cane (2)
Death Watch (3)
very nice i myself have made a vampire deck.... yours gives me the idea for whispersilk cloak (thanx).......but in mine i added ascendant evincar...sengir vampire... a way to bring my guys back with a couple rise from the graves and for added blood sucking a consume spirit or two....... great deck im having fun with it.....
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