Lethal Hammer Training and Rogue Paragon Paths

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As written, the feat does not allow for usage of a warhammer or throwing hammer with any Rogue Paragon Path power that requires a light blade. This is reflected in the Character Builder, as it does not do the to-hit or damage maths when equipped with either weapon.

I noted a similar issue with Versatile Duelist here, and am wondering if there are any other similar feats that have the same issue.
Update: I have reviewed Martial Power and Martial Power 2, and all feats which grant additional weapons for use with rogue powers do not allow them to function with rogue paragon paths. The feats are as follows -

Martial Power:
Longsword Finesse
Street Thug
Tunnel Stalker

Martial Power 2:
Treetop Sniper
Lethal Hammer Training

Dragon 381:
Versatile Duelist
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