Dungeon 180 - CS lv4 The Pillar of Eyes

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DnDi_Large.png   Dungeon 180
The Pillar of Eyes
A Chaos Scar Adventure for 4th-Level Characters

By Robert J. Schwalb

Not far from the wall bounding the Chaos Scar’s haunted lands is a crooked stone pillar, standing alone in an otherwise ordinary field. It resembles nothing so much as a stack of staring eyeballs. Many explorers have sought out the strange monolith, certain some power hums beneath its rocky façade, but the Pillar of Eyes has so far remained a hoary and puzzling edifice, a source of speculation and wonder. But ... recent study of the stone suggests that whatever it contains might be growing restive.

Oh, there are many strange things beyond the Wall. I have seen some for myself. I’ve witnessed the wonders it contains, and the horrors besides. Yet for every obvious danger and splendid treasure, there are things that have held their secrets close, places where some mysteries remain guarded despite my best efforts and those of other less worthy souls. One such place is the Pillar of Eyes ...

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