Dungeon Tiles for 2-1?

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Our group was having trouble getting the map to lay flat during season 1, so when I picked up Desert of Athas, I took it with me and we built the maps out of the dungeon tiles.

As I'm a player, I don't know what's coming up. Our DM hadn't had a chance to review the new encounters before last session, so he wasn't able to say.

Could someone share what tile set(s?) will be needed for 2-1 and possibly beyond? I don't need to know which specific tiles though.
He said in the bowels of the "Ask the Author" thread he used DU3 Caves of Carnage and DT6 Dire Tombs.

From my once over, I think one of each is enough. Though some of the maps that use Caves of Carnage are pretty twisty and might use tiles from a couple sets, you could make one work.
Thanks. To be honest, it hadn't occured to me to look there. But also, I'm not sure I would have wanted to search through there and see something for GM's eyes only, even though I know things tend to be pretty well spoilered.
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