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So I read the twitter buff post above but I'm a bit confused.   We've never used these so I have some questions.

So I just pull it off of twitter and give it to my DM?   BAM sucka gimmie dat! (only nicer and with less gangsta speak)

Can I used buffs from old weeks?

If I use a buff can we use it again next week or only 1?

Any other information  you could give me regarding use would be helpful.
Twitter buffs are posted every hour or so, starting when Wednesday does, at the International Date Line, essentially. They continue, with a "new" post every 90 minutes or so, until Wednesday is over everywhere in the world.

First thing, obviously, is that your GM needs to agree to the use of the twitter buffs. If he doesn't, sorry. If he does, a buff is only active from the time it is posted on twitter until the next one is posted or the end of the session. Usually, you should only have one buff going during a session. In addition, a twitter buff is only technically active if it is posted during your session's play time.

Buffs are only good for the week they are posted for, so a session 4 buff is not designed to work well with session 5, for example.

For season 2, the twitter buffs are much more player-friendly than the ones from season 1. Everyone gains combat advantage was much friendlier for the kobold skulks than the rogue-less party...
Thanks.  I'm not sure I want to try and subject the group to even more changing rules though so I will probably just not try and get them in.
To add to what Kinevon said, many of the Twitter buffs seem pretty important to survival. If your DM doesn't want the unpredictable nature of the buffs, they might look at previous weeks' tweets and then incorporate similar buffs of their choosing. This can actually work best since the DM can give it a bit more RP and bring it in at an appropriate time.

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My biggest worry is throwing more stuff at the new players.  My group is heavy on either brand new D&D players or people who haven't played since 2nd.   Of the 8 people we have in and out 4 have never played before and 2 havn't payed since 2nd.    They are finnally getting a hold have the best use of their powers, how combat advantage works in general and how you give it and grant it how and why opp attacks work.    I'm worried if you throw in something like

Swirling winds blow black sand about, making tribal folk nervous - Enemy humanoids grant combat advantage to PCs for the session

So that we have combat advantage the whole game its just going to confuse their understanding of how those mechanics work in general.    I could just be to paranoid however. 
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