Session 4 and 5 twitter buffs

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For those that want them here they are, sorry have been hauling the kids around Colorado trying to show them what the state has to offer.

Encounter 4

 A cloud covers the sun creating a cool shadow. Regain +5 hit points for healing surges spent at a short rest during this session

 Adversity to opportunity - Sand mites infested your supplies - each PC may spend 1 survival day to regain 1 healing surge

 Ralo takes cover, shouting words of encouragement - For the session, as long as Ralo is conscious, PCs get +1 bonus to hit.

 A strong wind blasts across the area, scrambling the dust devils - For the session, dust devils can't make opportunity attacks.

 Encounter 5

 Necrotic sands! PCs standing in the black sands deal +1d6 necrotic damage on a hit (arcane PCs deal +1d8 damage) for the session.

 Adept's insight, disrupting advance, excise from sight, wasteland fury & wild surge gain +2 to attack & recharge 6 for the session.

 The odor of kank spit clinging to the PCs is repulsive. PCs get a +2 bonus to AC vs. attacks from natural beasts for the session.

 Swirling winds blow black sand about, making tribal folk nervous. Enemy humanoids grant combat advantage to PCs for the session.