Sierra ir'Kheldian (Eberron Resourceful Warlord)

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The Kheldian family is distantly (2 or 3 cousins worth) from the royal bloodline.  While they are of noble blood, the family is known for its martial prowess.  During the Last War, at least one Karranthi general remarked that the Kheldians fought as if they grew up in the military schools of Karranth.

Born in 974.  Sierra was born into a noble family of military leaders.  From an early age she was trained in the martial skills, specifically that of leading men into battle.  While she did learn the traditional tactics of fighting, it become very obvious to her instructors that Sierra did quite well thinking on her feet.  Extremely resourceful, she gained a reputation for being adaptive and never out of a fight.

She become the leader of her own some squad when her own squad leader froze while being ambushed a squad of Karrnath.  Quickly pulling her unit back together, she managed to pull most of the troops out.  As soon as word got back to their commanding officer, Sierra was placed in charge while the old squad leader was sent to another front for battle fatigue.

After the Mourning, Sierra continued to serve what was left of her people.  Her goals include finding a new home for her people as Breland is just a refugee spot and nothing more to her.  She also wants to re-establish the Cyre nobility to the kingdom of Galifor... the 5 Nations are their birthright...

Related NPCs:
FRIENDS: people who will help Sierra out even at risk to themselves

Ruura Dhakaar: 'Enslaved' hobgoblin man-at-arms.  Serves the Kheldian family with honor as they have treated him as one of their own.  Sierra's primary instructor.  She affectionately calls him "Sarge".

Cid Mageforge: human artificer.  Rescued by Sierra and her squad after the Mourning.  Now working as a magewright and blacksmith in New Cyre.

CONTACTS: people who are willing to help Sierra, but would turn if it was worth it.
Kaylee ir'Taylon: childhood friend of Sierra's.  Thinks its time for Sierra to settle down and act like a 'noble' lady instead of a soldier.  Frequently attempts to set up suitors for Sierra when Sierra is in New Cyre and not busy.

Morgan Brewsmoke: owner of the Broken Bard tavern.  Sierra's choice of places to relax..

ENEMIES: May not be out to kill Sierra, but they wouldn't mind seeing things not go her way
Jericho Griffonanger: Sierra's former squad leader.  Upset over losing his command to some 'noble lass with a silver spoon in her lying mouth'.  He is convinced she was promoted because of her birthright... not his freeze up

Duncan ir'Kheldian: Sierra's older brother.  While he is set to inherit the family titles (which are worth nothing after the Mourning), Duncan was nothing more than an 'average' soldier.  Jealous of his sister's reputation and natural skill.

So, there's the 'history' of my character.  Now, I'm looking for some help with some roleplaying.  I'd like to have a few ideas on short speeches for when she uses Inspiring Word and other abilities to give her a more realistic feel.  Any ideas for speeches?
For inspiring word I usually rip Gurann Lagann off and give our slightly pessimistic fighter the somewhat famous "If you can't believe in yourself then believe in me, who believes in you and keep fighting!"... granted my group is made up of a couple anime afficiandos so it inspires a couple laughs but it works for my bravlord and don't see why it couldn't work for a resourceful warlord as well, since they're both kind of fast and loose with the inspiration and tactics part of their jobs.

Otherwise I usually just say what comes naturally, it's easier that way. My character tends to insult the pride of the character in question in an attempt to make them not want to be beaten to death by whatever is beating them to death, letting their want to punch my warlord in the face fuel their resolve. The bright side being they often understand why I say these things, so a lot less unarmed attacks to the face are aimed my way then you'd think.
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