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Hi guys,
           Anyone know what was the modules presented during the RPGA Game Day Event when the FR Campaign Setting was released, similar to the one that just happenned for Dark Sun ? (Blood Arena for DS and Khyber's Harvest for Eberron IIRC)

And also the WoTC Game Day for the release of the FR Setting ?

How were those two modules called ?

I asked over on the Forgotten Realms Board but not much turned out.

Could Escape From Sembia be one of them ?



Hmm could be?
Treasure of Talon Pass?
Beneath Haunted Halls
Icy Queens Crossing 
Thanks MFM for replying. I don't know for Beneath Haunted Halls and Icy Queen's Crossing but they are said to be LFR adventures. Treasure of Talon Pass doesn't appear to be FR but a generic module so i would be surprised.

I wasn't around when the Campaign Setting was released. May be WoTC and the RPGA didn't do any Game Day event at it's introduction afterall. It was the first Campaign Setting to be published for 4E and LFR was taking off at the same time so who knows.

(Beggin' the question...LOL)    Who knows ?
There was a World-Wide D&D Game Day on 7th June 2008 with the adventure 'Into the Shadowhaunt'. I think that was (or was very close to) the release date for the 4e rules. It was not a Forgotten Realms adventure. Apart from RPGA previews for the Living Forgotten Realms campaign, and the printed Weekend in the Realms adventures Beneath Haunted Halls and Icy Queen's Crossing, I do not think there has been the sort of module for FR that you're looking for. Treasures of Talon Pass is, indeed, a generic/PoL adventure.

The LFR adventures are listed here: (look for 'Special' and Preview' adventures - the 'WEEK' specials were printed adventures sent to stores; PREV1-1 and PREV1-2 came out before 4e launched, though only PREV1-2 was really a Forgotten Realms adventure; PREV1-1 is simply an adaptation of Kobold Hall from the DMG.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks pedr. Hell yeah that help. Will look into it.

The first two FR adventured I'm aware of were Escape from Sembia and Scalegloom Hall (it was a dungeon crawl ending with a bunch of kobolds leading up to an (almost) impossible fight against a black dragon (later got rereleased in the DMG with that toned down; the DMG version was the revision).

They were with pre-publication 4E rules (ie not the actual 4E rules as released which came later) and not very good (utterly lethal to the pregens they came with -barring very good luck and good play with the right party- and almost completely lacking in plot or RP opportunities). Sembia was less lethal than Scalegloom.

It was well BEFORE the release date for the 4E rules: the leaked pdf wasn't even out yet and I don't think the rules had been finalised and was more a 4E preview than an FR thing.

Next came a level 1-4 adventure (took you to around 4th) which I recall involved a nasty goblin fight near a waterfall and some kobolds but I don't remember the ending. This was before LFR came and also a little before the 4E rulebooks  -but after the PHB leaked as a pdf. It wasn't partifularly FR that I recall.

I believe LFR kicked off with an array of normal modules and then there were Weekend in the Realms adventures some time later.
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