Cardboard Miniatures for Session 1-5 (Spoilers!)

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It's that time again..  I will be preparing two more sheets this week, one with a recap of all of the miniatures from this chapter, and another with some great PC art from Xaveria.

 Thanks very much and great work as usual Xaveria.
I'm second from the left in the picture.

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Also, here is a complete sheet of all of the NPC's Xav drew for Chapter 1, for DM's to use in their own personal games.  I'll have to collate the PC's another night, as I am starting to flag.

This has been very useful to those of our judges that do not own a lot of minis. I just had a request whether you would have some for session 2-1. Thanks for your artist's hard work!

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I believe so; Xav was planning on doing all three chapters.
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