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Ok, so being new here I looked around for a planeswalker pack-list but everyone posts decks they design and part but not all of the list.  Support gives funny answers and orcs didnt have a solid post they could link to.   So I decided to toss up a list myself so that people know what they are getting into and can understand what they have.   Remember Planeswalker cards are non-trade-able and are bound to your account.

I'm sorry if some are wall of textish, reformating is in progress.

Planeswalker Pack 1

            1x                                            2x                                   3x                               4x

Ascendant Evincar                    Abyssal Specter      Bull Cerodon               Angel of Mercy
Bloodmark Mentor                    Air Elemental           Elvish Eulogist            Angelic Blessing
Brion Stoutarm                          Angelic Wall             Essence Drain            Angel's Feather
Broodmate Dragon                   Blaze                        Glorious Anthem          Blanchwood Armor
Cho-Manno, Revolutionary     Boomerang              Holy Day                        Blightning
Cinder Pyromancer                  Coat of Arms            Rip-Clan Crasher       Cancel
Cloud Elemental                      Consume Spirit        Shock                            Cloud Sprite
Corrupt                                       Craw Wurm              Sprouting Thrinax        Demon's Horn
Counterbore                             Cryoclasm                 Terror                             Dragon Fodder
Crowd of Cinders                     Deathmark                Woolly Thoctar             Dragon's Claw
Crucible of Fire                         Deluge                                                               Drudge Skeletons
Denizen of the Deep                Dusk Imp                                                          Elvish Champion
Dragon Roost                           Duskdale Wurm                                              Elvish Warrior
Dread                                         Earth Elemental                                              Eyeblight's Ending
Elvish Piper                               Elven Riders                                                    Farhaven Elf
Evacuation                                 Elvish Visionary                                               Furnace Whelp
Fervor                                         Enrage                                                              Giant Growth
Final Revels                              Flameblast Dragon                                         Goblin Piker
Flamewave Invoker                  Flashfreeze                                                      Goblin Sky Raider
Flow of Ideas                             Gaea's Herald                                                 Grizzly Bears
Furnace of Rath                        Giant Spider                                                     Hill Giant
Goblin King                                Goldenglow Moth                                            Incinerate
Godsire                                       Gravedigger                                                     Kraken's Eye
Hellkite Overlord                       Holy Strength                                                    Lightning Elemental
Hollowborn Barghest              Karplusan Strider                                             Mind Rot
Hostility                                      Knight of the Skyward Eye                               Pacifism
Howl of the Night Pack           Lava Axe                                                              Plague Beetle
Immaculate Magistrate           Megrim                                                                Raging Goblin
Imperious Perfect                    Mind Spring                                                        Rampant Growth
Jagged-Scar Archers               Moonglove Winnower                                      Ravenous Rats
Kamahl, Pit Fighter                  Natural Spring                                                   Snapping Drake
Loxodon Warhammer             Naturalize                                                           Spined Wurm
Luminesce                                Negate                                                                Suntail Hawk
Lys Alana Huntmaster            Overrun                                                               Thieving Magpie
Lys Alana Scarblade                Phantom Warrior                                             Troll Ascetic
Mahamoti Djinn                        Prodigal Pyromancer                                       Tundra Wolves
Mass Calcify                             Raise Dead                                                        Venerable Monk
Memory Erosion                      Remove Soul                                                      Wall of Spears
Mind Shatter                             Sangrite Surge                                                   Wurm's Tooth
Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer           Serra's Embrace                                               Youthful Knight
Mortivore                                    Severed Legion
Nath of the Gilt-Leaf                Sigil Blessing
Nekrataal                                  The Rack
Nightmare                                Tidings
Paladin en-Vec                       Trained Armodon
Pariah                                       Underworld Dreams
Persuasion                             Unholy Strength
Plague Wind                           Unsummon
Purity                                        Violent Ultimatum
Put Away                                  Wall of Wood
Rage Reflection
Reya Dawnbringer
Rhys the Exiled
Roughshod Mentor
Royal Assassin
Seismic Assault
Sengir Vampire
Serra Angel
Shivan Dragon
Shivan Hellkite
Skyhunter Skirmisher
Soot Imp
Soul Warden
Spirit of the Hearth
Talara's Battalion
Verdant Force
Voice of All
Wild Swing
Wrath of God



Planeswalker Pack 3

2x Act of Treason  2x Archdemon of Unx  2x Baloth Woodcrasher  1x Baneslayer Angel  
1x Beast Hunt  1x Beastmaster Ascension  1x Bestial Menace  3x Blaze 1x Blazing Specter
2x Canyon Minotaur 1x Claws of Valakut 1x Cliff Threader1x Colossal Might 1x Countersquall
1x Cunning Lethemancer 2x Deathbringer Thoctar1x Dispel 1x Divination 4x Divine Verdict
2x Dragon's Claw 1x Earthquake1x Elvish Eulogist 2x Ember Shot 3x Emeria Angel
4x Evolving Wilds 1x Excommunicate1x Executioner's Capsule 2x Farhaven Elf 4x Fiery Hellhound
2x Fire Elemental1x Flame Wave 1x Flameblast Dragon 2x Flamekin spitfire 4x Fledgling Griffin 
1x Font of Mythos 24x Forest 1x Frontier Guide 1x Goblin Artillery 1x Goblin Balloon Brigade
1x Goblin Chieftain 1x Goblin Outlander 1x Goliath Sphinx 3x Grazing Gladehart 
1x Great Sable Stag 4x Grixis Battlemage 1x Hamletback Goliath 3x Harrow 4x Heat Ray
4x Hidden Horror 1x Hideous End 1x Immaculate Magistrate 4x Incinerate 2x Inferno Elemental
1x Insurrection 1x Into the Roil 24x Island 3x Kor Cartographer 1x Kor Sanctifiers
3x Lava Axe 1x Lightning Helix 3x Magma rift 1x Marsh Threader 1x Master of Etherium
4x Merchant of Secrets 1x Merfolk Looter 24x Mountain 2x Naturalize 1x Nicol Bolas
2x Nimbus Wings 1x Nissa's Chosen 2x Oran-Rief Recluse 3x Pilgrim's Eye 3x Plague Beetle
24x Plains 1x Planar Cleansing 1x Primeval Light 1x Pyroclasm1x Quest for Pure Flame
1x Recumbent Bliss 1x Rorix Bladewing 1x Safe Passage1x Scarland Thrinax 1x Sever Soul
1x Shadowmage Infiltrator 1x Skeletonize 3x Snapping Creeper1x Sphinx of Lost Truths
3x Steppe Lynx 1x Stonebrow, Krosan Hero 2x Sunspring Expedition24x Swamp
3x Terminate 3x Territorial Baloth 2x Terror 1x Titanic Ultimatum1x Tome Scour
4x Torch Slinger 1x Traumatize 1x Undermine 1x Vampiric Dragon1x Vein Drinker
1x Vicious Shadows 4x Volcanic Hammer 1x Wall of Fire 4x Wanderer's Twig1x Windborne Charge
1x Xathrid Demon 1x Zombie Outlander 4x Zombify


Planeswalker Pack 4

2x Angel's Feather 1x Demon's Horn 1x Dragon's Claw 1x Executioner's Capsule
1x Kraken's Eye 2x Bone Saw 2x Kitesail 1x Loxodon Warhammer1x Ogre's Cleaver
2x Pennon Blade 2x Trusty Machete 1x Triskelion24x Forest 24x Island 24x Mountain
24x Plains 24x Swamp1x Æther Figment 1x Armament Master 1x Arrogant Bloodlord
1x Artisan of Kozilek3x Bladetusk Boar 2x Blood Seeker 1x Bloodghast 2x Bloodrite Invoker
1x Butcher of Malakir 1x Captain of the Watch 4x Child of Night 1x Conquering Manticore
1x Drove of Elves 4x Elite Vanguard 1x Escaped Null 1x Garruk's Companion 3x Gelectrode
2x Guul Draz Vampire 2x Heartstabber Mosquito 1x Hungry Spriggan1x Kalonian Behemoth
4x Kiln Fiend 2x Kitesail Apprentice 3x Kor Duelist3x Kor Hookmaster 3x Kor Outfitter
1x Kor Skyfisher 1x Leatherback Baloth1x Liliana's Specter 1x Loyal Sentry 1x Madrush Cyclops
2x Makindi Griffin1x Malakir Bloodwitch 3x Mindless Null 1x Mnemonic Wall 1x Pestilence Demon
2x Pulse Tracker 1x Rampaging Baloths 2x Ruthless Cullblade 1x Shatterskull Giant1x Shepherd of the Lost
1x Shivan Dragon 3x Sky Ruin Drake 1x Sphinx of Magosi1x Sprouting Thrinax 1x Steppe Lynx
1x Stoneforge Mystic 1x Surrakar Spellblade2x Valiant Guard 3x Vampire Aristocrat
2x Vampire Lacerator 4x Vampire Nighthawk1x Vampire Nocturnus 1x Veteran Armorsmith
1x Veteran Swordsmith 1x Wildheart Invoker1x Ajani's Mantra 1x Jace's Erasure
1x Luminarch Ascension 1x Meteor Storm2x Sanguine Bond 4x Guard Duty 1x Absorb
2x Bold Defense 4x Burst Lightning4x Cancel 1x Chandra's Outrage 3x Deprive 2x Disfigure
1x Disorient2x Dispel 1x Evacuation 1x Harmless Assault 3x Hideous End 3x Into the Roil
2x Lightning Bolt 1x Lightning Helix 1x Momentous Fall 2x Shatter1x Summoner's Bane
1x Tendrils of Corruption 1x Vendetta 2x Veteran's Reflexes1x Anowon, the Ruin Sage
1x Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund 1x Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind1x Rorix Bladewing 1x Beacon of Unrest
2x Blaze 1x Chain Reaction 1x Conqueror's Pledge 1x Corrupt 3x Disentomb 1x Excommunicate
1x Feast of Blood  1x Final Revels 1x Flame Slash 1x Flame Wave1x Lava Axe 1x Martial Coup
1x Nighthaze  3x Sleep 1x Solemn Offering1x Stream of Life 1x Tinker 1x Wheel of Fortune
1x Windborne Charge

Planeswalker Pack 2012

2x Act of Treason  2x Aether Adept 1x Aether Figment  3x Aether Mutation  2x Air Elemental
2x Alpha Myr  3x Angel's Feather  1x Archangel of Strife  1x Argentum Armor  3x Arrest
2x Assassinate  1x Assault Strobe  2x Assault Zeppelid  1x Banefire  1x Baneslayer Angel  
2x Barony Vampire  2x Beast Hunt  1x Blade of the Bloodchief  1x Blaze  3x Blind Phantasm
1x Bloodfire Colossus  1x Bloodghast  3x Bloodrage Vampire  3x Borderland Ranger  
1x Brave the Elements2x Burst Lightning  2x Cancel  1x Captain of the Watch  1x Captivating Vampire  
2x Centaur Courser1x Cerebral Eruption  3x Chandra's Outrage  1x Chandra's Phoenix  
2x Child of Night  2x Cinder Wall2x Claws of Valakut  4x Coiling Oracle  1x Compulsive Research  
1x Concentrate  2x Congregate1x Conquering Manticore  1x Conqueror's Pledge  2x Corrupt  
2x Counterspell  2x Craw Wurm1x Crucible of Fire  2x Cudgel Troll  3x Cultivate  2x Darksteel Axe
1x Darksteel Colossus  1x Darksteel Plate  1x Dead Reckoning  3x Demon's Horn  3x Disfigure  
1x Disorient 2x Dispense Justice  2x Divination  3x Dragon Fodder  1x Dragonmaster Outcast  
3x Dragon's Claw 2x Dragonspeaker Shaman  1x Drake Umbra  1x Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief  
1x Dungrove Elder3x Duskhunter Bat  4x Earth Elemental  1x Earth Servant  
1x Edric, Spymaster of Trest1x Elephant Guide  4x Elite Vanguard  1x Elven Riders  3x Elvish Eulogist  
1x Elvish Lyrist 1x Elvish Piper 2x Elvish Promenade 2x Elvish Visionary 2x Ember Shot
1x Engulfing Slagwurm 1x Epic Proportions 3x Essence Drain 1x Etched Champion 4x Etherium Sculptor
1x Evacuation 4x Explore 2x Explosive Vegetation 2x Eyeblight's Ending 1x Ezuri, Renegade Leader
2x Ezuri's Archers 1x Fault Line 2x Feast of Blood 2x Festering Goblin 4x Fiery Hellhound
2x Fire Elemental 1x Fire Servant 2x Flame Slash 1x Flame Wave 1x Flameblast Dragon
2x Flameborn Hellion 2x Flamekin Brawler 1x Flametongue Kavu 1x Fleeting Distraction
1x Flowstone Overseer 24x Forest 3x Furnace Whelp 1x Furyborn Hellkite 1x Gaea's Revenge
2x Garruk's Companion 2x Garruk's Packleader 2x Gatekeeper of Malakir 3x Giant Growth
2x Giant Octopus 2x Giant Scorpion 2x Giant Spider 1x Gideon's Avenger 2x Gideon's Lawkeeper
4x Glory Seeker 2x Go for the Throat 2x Goblin Arsonist 3x Goblin Mountaineer 1x Goblin Offensive
2x Goblin Piker 2x Goblin War Paint 1x Goblin Wardriver 3x Golden Urn 3x Golem's Heart
2x Gravedigger 3x Grazing Gladehart 1x Grim Lavamancer 2x Gust-Skimmer 1x Harmless Assault
4x Heedless One 1x Hellkite Charger 1x Hero of Oxid Ridge 1x Hunger of the Nim 1x Hunted Wumpus
3x Hunters' Feast 1x Imperious Perfect 2x Incinerate 1x Inferno Titan 1x Infiltration Lens
1x Inkwell Leviathan 24x Island 1x Isleback Spawn 2x Jace's Ingenuity 1x Jagged-Scar Archers
1x Joraga Warcaller 3x Kiln Fiend 2x Kitesail 2x Kitesail Apprentice 2x Kor Duelist
3x Kor Hookmaster 3x Kor Outfitter 2x Koth's Courier 1x Kozilek, Butcher of Truth 2x Kraken Hatchling
3x Kraken's Eye 4x Krovikan Mist3x Lava Axe 1x Lavaborn Muse 2x Lead the Stampede
1x Leatherback Baloth 1x Levitation 3x Living Destiny 2x Lord of the Unreal 1x Lorthos, the Tidemaker
1x Lys Alana Huntmaster 2x Maelstrom Pulse 1x Magister Sphinx 1x Magma Phoenix 1x Mahamoti Djinn
1x Manic Vandal 1x Master of Etherium 3x Might of the Masses 1x Mind Control 1x Mind Spring
1x Mirri the Cursed 1x Mirrorworks 2x Molten Ravager 25x Mountain 1x Multani, Maro-Sorcerer
1x Nath of the Gilt-Leaf 2x Nature's Lore 2x New Frontiers 4x Nissa's Chosen 4x Norwood Ranger
2x Ondu Giant 2x Overrun 2x Oxidda Scrapmelter 1x Pennon Blade 4x Phantasmal Bear
1x Phantasmal Dragon 3x Phantom Beast 2x Phantom Warrior 2x Pilgrim's Eye 24x Plains
1x Plummet 1x Polymorph 1x Primeval Titan 1x Prodigal Pyromancer 1x Prosperity
1x Psychosis Crawler 2x Punishing Fire 1x Puresteel Paladin 1x Pyroclasm 2x Quag Vampires
1x Quicksilver Geyser 3x Raging Goblin 2x Rally the Forces 2x Razorfield Rhino 1x Razorfield Thresher
1x Relentless Assault 1x Repay in Kind 3x Repulse 2x Revoke Existence 1x Rite of Replication
2x Rites of Flourishing2x Rockslide Elemental 1x Rorix Bladewing 2x Ruby Medallion 2x Runeclaw Bear
2x Ruthless Cullblade 1x Sanctum Gargoyle 1x Sangromancer 1x Seer's Sundial 1x Sengir Vampire
2x Serra Angel 2x Serrated Arrows 1x Shape Anew 2x Signal Pest 2x Simic Sky Swallower
2x Sizzle 1x Skeletal Vampire 2x Skyshroud Claim 2x Slavering Nulls 1x Sleep 4x Snapsail Glider
1x Soulquake 1x Sower of Temptation 1x Spikeshot Elder 2x Spire Barrage 3x Spitting Earth
3x Spread the Sickness 1x Stalking Bloodsucker 2x Steel Overseer 3x Stoic Rebuttal 2x Stomper Cub
2x Stone Golem 1x Stoneforge Mystic 1x Strider Harness 1x Summoner's Bane 2x Sunspear Shikari
24x Swamp 1x Sword of War and Peace 2x Sylvan Ranger 2x Tephraderm 1x Terra Stomper
3x Terramorphic Expanse 1x Thrun, the Last Troll 1x Tidal Kraken 2x Tidehollow Strix 2x Tidings
1x Time Warp 2x Titania's Chosen 3x Tormented Soul 1x Treasure Hunt 2x Trusty Machete
1x Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre 1x Undermine 2x Urge to Feed 2x Vampire Aristocrat
2x Vampire Nighthawk 1x Vampire Nocturnus 2x Vampire Outcasts 2x Vampire's Bite
1x Venser's Journal 2x Vicious Hunger 4x Viridian Emissary 1x Viridian Shaman 4x Volcanic Dragon
4x Volcanic Hammer 2x Volcanic Strength 2x Voracious Dragon 2x Vulshok Berserker
2x Vulshok Heartstoker 1x Wall of Air 2x Wall of Vines 1x Wheel of Fortune 2x Wildheart Invoker
1x Wolfbriar Elemental 1x Wurmcoil Engine 1x Yavimaya's Embrace

Planeswalker Pack 2012 Expansion 1

2x Æther Tradewinds  2x Air Servant  1x Angelic Destiny  2x Arc Runner  1x Armadillo Cloak  
3x Aura Gnarlid  2x Auramancer  1x Ball Lightning  1x Beacon of Unrest  2x Blood Tithe  
1x Bloodgift Demon  2x Boar Umbra  2x Bramble Elemental  1x Canopy Cover  2x Consume Spirit  
1x Corrupt  3x Demon's Horn  2x Disentomb  1x Divine Favor  3x Doom Blade  1x Electropotence
3x Elixir of Immortality  1x Femeref Enchantress  3x Fists of Ironwood  12x Forest  2x Gelectrode
2x Gigantiform  2x Gloomhunter  1x Grave Titan  1x Griffin Guide  2x Guul Draz Specter
1x Heroes' Reunion  1x Hyena Umbra  2x Hypnotic Specter  3x Into the Roil  12x Island
1x Kor Spiritdancer  3x Lifelink  2x Lightning Bolt  2x Lightning Elemental  1x Lightning Serpent
2x Liliana's Caress  4x Liliana's Specter  1x Lure  1x Mahamoti Djinn  1x Mammoth Umbra
1x Marsh Casualties  1x Massacre Wurm  2x Mesa Enchantress  4x Mind Rot  2x Moan of the Unhallowed
1x Monomania  1x Mortivore  13x Mountain  2x Murder of Crows  1x Mythic Proportions
2x Nature's Spiral  1x "Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind"  3x Oakenform  1x "Ob Nixilis, the Fallen"
1x Pacifism  12x Plains  1x Prophetic Bolt  2x Quag Sickness  2x Quest for the Gravelord
1x Rancor  4x Reassembling Skeleton  1x Retether  1x Reverberate  1x Sacred Wolf
1x Scavenger Drake  3x Shock  1x Siege Mastodon  1x Silhana Ledgewalker  4x Silvercoat Lion
2x Skirsdag Cultist  1x Skizzik  1x Snake Umbra  2x Spark Elemental  2x Sparkmage Apprentice
1x Spectral Rider  1x Spellbound Dragon  2x Storm Crow  2x Stormcloud Djinn  1x Stormfront Pegasus
4x Suntail Hawk  24x Swamp  1x Syphon Flesh  1x Syphon Mind  2x The Rack  1x Three Dreams
1x Thunder Dragon  2x Thunder Strike  1x Thundermare  1x Time Reversal  1x Totem-Guide Hartebeest
2x Turn the Tide  2x Underworld Dreams  2x Unholy Strength  2x Wee Dragonauts  4x Wind Drake
1x Wreath of Geists

If you want to know how many of a card you would have if you had both packs, you'll have to add the numbers together yourself.  For example with both packs 1 and 2 you will have 7 copies of terror (3 from pack 1, and another 4 from pack 2), but your stuck with normal deck building rules so you can only have 4 in any deck.

Deck Building
If your planning to make a Planeswalker deck there are some important things to remember.

-Decks must be 60 cards minimum.
-All cards (including basic land) must be gold-bordered. (This is often a new player mistake)
-You may not use a sideboard (even in matches)
-You may not use more then 4 of any non-basic land
-You cant use multiples of any specific card on the Restricted List.

Restricted list!
The following Cards are restricted, even though you have more then one of them.

Baneslayer Angel
Captain of the Watch
Conqueror's Pledge
Final Revels    
Immaculate Magistrate
Imperious Perfect    
Loxodon Warhammer
Nath of the Gilt-Leaf   
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
Rorix Bladewing
Stoneforge Mystic
Vampire Nocturnus
Voice of All
Wheel of Fortune 
Wrath of God

If you purchased multiples of Planeswalker packs then these cards are restricted as well.

Pack 1

Ascendant Evincar               
Brion Stoutarm             
Broodmate Dragon
Cho-Manno, Revolutionary    
Howl of the Night Pack                
Kamahl, Pit Fighter    
Mind Shatter     
Molimo, Maro-Sorcerer   
Paladin en-Vec    
Reya Dawnbringer     
Rhys the Exiled    
Royal Assassin    
Soul Warden    






Multiple packs?
But Wait, why would I want to do that? I can only use 4 of any card!

Sometimes your only given 1-3 of a card you really want 4 of.  Pack one gives you 3 Glorious Anthem but some people want 4.  Or they normally get 2 Abyssal specter  and want a better chance to draw that flyer.  Picking up a duplicate copy of a Planeswalker pack gives you a few more of thoes cards. 

What Preconstructs can you make?

Teeth of the Predator
Hands of Flame
Wings of Light
Eyes of Shadow
Thoughts of the Wind
Claws of Vengeance
Ears of the Elves
Scales of Fury

Cries of Rage
Mind of Void
Relics of Doom

Eons of Evil
Heart of Worlds
Heat of Battle

Root of the Firemind
Master of Shadows
Weapons of the Warrior
Pack 2012
Unquenchable Fire
Apex Predators
Wielding Steel
Realm of Illusion
Ancient Depths
Strength of Stone
Guardians of the Wood
Dragon's Roar
Blood Hunger

2012 Expansion 1
Grave Whispers

Thanks for making this list, very helpful
Updated with Planeswalker pack 3, and working on improving a restricted list
thanks for the list

just a quick add:
both goblin lords are singles but not restricted.
proud member of the 2011 community team
Updated with Planeswalker pack 4 which was released today.
Updated restricted list with pack 4 additions. 
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This was a great idea. I'll see about getting this information included in the FAQ. 

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Just got into this format and this helped alot. Thanks

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Thank you for posting this. Where can I find the current restricted list?

A great help.  Betting the D12 cards are going to be put in a pack too.


I don't think liliana's specter is in deck IV, because it doesn't show up in deck editor.
I'm shocked on the lists they are very helpful
Thanks for the info
Thanks for the info

Great info. Thank you.

Can you also add what decks become available with each pack?

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Great info. Thank you.

Can you also add what decks become available with each pack?


Hello Snowstone,

The 1st Planeswalkers Deck Pack includes all the cards for the decks Teeth of the Predator, Hands of Flame, Wings of Light, Eyes of Shadow, Thoughts of Wind, Claws of Vengeance, Ears of the Elves, and Scales of Fury.

Planeswalkers Deck Pack 2 includes all the cards for the decks Cries of Rage, Mind of Void, and Relics of Doom.

Planeswalkers Deck Pack 3 includes all the cards for the decks Eons of Evil, Heat of Battle, and Heart of Worlds.

Planeswalkers Deck Pack 4 contains all the cards for the decks Masters of Shadow, Root of the Firemind, and Weapons of the Warrior.

Hope that helps,

Updated with the Planeswalker 2012 pack list.  

Updated the restricted list .

This was a very big boost to the cardpool, and I hear new mtgo players get a free pack of this instead of pack1 now.

Could we get this stickied? Smile
Anyone know the decks that can be made with the Planeswalker 2012 Pack?
Anyone know the decks that can be made with the Planeswalker 2012 Pack?

I'm not sure if this is what you are asking about, but here's a link to the DotP 2012 decks.  Hope this helps.

Can you make a list of the cards of which you CAN have multiple copies, and don't get 4 of between all the packs? 


Thanks, Zero.
I am messing around with a Planeswalker format tutorial (taking Zero's work and adding some additional info plus better formatting), but I cannot understand why some cards are restricted and others (like Inferno Titan and Hero of Oxid Ridge) aren't restricted. Does anyone know when the last time the format restricted list was updated?
Most likely with the release of M12

Though, no one at WotC actually cares about this format, so I'd expect the restricted list to be rife with mistakes.

My forever unfinished blog of the 2010 MTGO Community Cup: if you're ever bored...
I have found a slough of new PWS cards in the client, so I am going to hold off finishing my article on the format until the new product has been announced and its contents have been confirmed. Maybe we'll get an updated B&R list too!
2012 Expansion 1 was released today
Added Planeswalker 2012 expansion 1 decklist (240 cards)
Updated Restricted list.
Added Preconstruct deck lists due to popular request.

The TCG/resources list is nice and all, but its restricted list is wrong.  It lists you getting cards you don't get, and misses some cards you do get. It is better then the original page that they used to have when I started this, but its not good enough.  Players really need to be able to make an informed decision when looking if they should be buying a product or not, and as such they need accurate lists.

They update the restricted list for each pack, but Planeswalkers seems like a fire and forget product. I haven't heard of them considering to revise the restricted list yet.
Thanks to Zero's inspired work on the Planeswalker Packs, I've whipped together a massive tutorial detailing the format and product. Feedback appreciated!
hello all, im new to mtgo, so im sorry if this is a noobish question but i got a pack of the 2012 planeswalker in my intro kit, do you get all the cards listed or what becuase i got alot of the cards listed becuase i got alot of mythics when i opened it

Restricted list was recently changed, 2 previously unrestricted cards added.
Broodmate Dragon

Also working on changeing the packlist format to something more readable, but its slow going with the strange forum coding.

Restricted list was recently changed, 2 previously unrestricted cards added.
Broodmate Dragon

Also working on changeing the packlist format to something more readable, but its slow going with the strange forum coding.

The Deck tag may be the easiest way  I think you just put the tag [ Deck ], then on each line you put a number, space, then the card name, and It'll automatically autocard....let's see if I got that right

My forever unfinished blog of the 2010 MTGO Community Cup: if you're ever bored...
Pack 2
4 x Air Elemental
2 x Alpha Myr  
2 x Angel's Feather  
2 x Aegrinder Giant
1 x Borderland Behemoth
4 x Bottle Gnomes  
4 x Bramblewood Paragon  
4 x Cancel
4 x Cloudcrown Oak  
4 x Condemn  
3 x Counterbore  
1 x Deft Duelist  
2 x Demon's Horn
2 x Denizen of the Deep  
3 x Dispeller's Capsule  
2 x Dragon's Claw  
3 x Dream Fracture
1 x Earthquake  
1 x Elvish Piper  
4 x Elvish Warrior  
3 x Etherium Sculptor  
1 x Evacuation  
2 x Eyes of the Wisent  
2 x Fountain of Youth  
2 x Giant Growth  
4 x Glaze Fiend  
4 x Goblin Piker  
4 x Howling Mine  
1 x Hurricane  
2 x Incinerate  
1 x Isleback Spawn  
2 x Jagged Lightning  
1 x Jayemdae Tome  
3 x Kiss of the Amesha  
2 x Kraken's Eye  
2 x Lava Ae  
3 x Leonin Scimitar  
1 x Loodon Warhammer  
2 x Mahamoti Djinn  
1 x Mass Calcify  
2 x Master of Etherium  
1 x Megrim  
4 x Memory Erosion  
1 x Mirri, Cat Warrior  
2 x Mudbutton Torchrunner  
2 x Naturalize  
1 x Nekrataal  
2 x Oakgnarl Warrior  
2 x Obsidian Battle-Ae  
2 x Ony Goblet  
2 x Ornithopter  
2 x Persuasion  
1 x Platinum Angel  
1 x Razormane Masticore  
4 x Rip-Clan Crasher  
2 x Sangrite Surge  
2 x Sharding Sphin  
1 x Shivan Dragon  
2 x Shock  
1 x Talara's Battalion  
1 x Terminate  
4 x Terror  
1 x Threaten  
4 x Tidehollow Stri  
3 x Traumatize  
2 x Vengeful Firebrand  
1 x Voice of All  
4 x Wall of Air  
2 x Wall of Spears  
2 x Wall of Swords  
1 x Wanderer's Twig  
1 x Woolly Thoctar  
1 x Wrath of God  
2 x Wurm's Tooth

My forever unfinished blog of the 2010 MTGO Community Cup: if you're ever bored...

Planeswalker 2013

2x accorder paladin
2x acidic slime
2x aether adept
1x Ajani's Sunstriker
1x ajani's mantra
2x ajani's pridemate
2x ambassador oak
2x angelic benediction
1x angel's feather
2x archaeomancer
1x archon of redemption
2x attended knight
4x aven squire
1x awakener druid
1x battlegrace angel
1x battle-rattle shaman
2x beast within
1x blanchwood armor
2x blister beetle
1x blisterstick shaman
2x bloodhunter bat
2x bond beetle
1x bountiful harvest
3x brindle boar
2x cancel
1x captain of the watch
3x Captain's Call
1x cathedral of war
1x cathedral sanctifier
1x celestial force
1x celestial mantle
2x cephalid broker
2x [c]

Chandra's Fury

3x chandra's outrage
1x chandra's phoenix
1x chastise
2x child of night
1x clickslither
1x clone
1x corrupt
2x counterspell
2x crippling blight
1x crippling chill
2x crusader of odric
2x curiosity
2x daggerclaw imp
1x deathbringer liege
2x disperse
2x divine favor
3x doom blade
2x doomed traveler
1x dragon hatchling
1x dreamborn muse
2x duskmantle prowler
4x duty-bound dead
1x elgaud inquisitor
2x elite vanguard
2x elvish visionary
2x ember hauler
2x emerald medallion
4x evolving wilds
2x favorable winds
2x fiend hunter
2x fiery hellhound
2x fire elemental
2x firewing phoenix
2x flame slash
1x flame wave
1x flamebreak
2x flames of the firebrand
1x fog
3x fog bank
2x font of mythos
25x forest
2x fume spitter
2x furnace whelp
2x garruk's companion
2x garruk's packleader
1x geist-honored monk
2x gempalm incinerator
2x giant growth
1x glorious anthem
2x goblin arsonist
1x goblin bushwhacker
1x goblin chieftain
1x goblin fire fiend
1x goblin grenade
3x goblin piker
1x goblin piledriver
1x goblin roughrider
1x goblin warchief
1x goblin wardriver
1x goldenglow moth
2x goliath sphinx
3x guardians of akrasa
1x hostility
1x howl of the night pack
2x howling mine
2x hydrosurge
3x indrik stomphowler
1x innocent blood
2x into the roil
25x island
3x Jace’s Phantasm
2x jace's erasure
2x jet medallion
3x kemba's skyguard
2x kor cartographer
3x kraken hatchling
2x Krenko’s Command
1x landbind ritual
1x last kiss
1x leatherback baloth
1x lightning greaves
2x Liliana’s Shade
2x liliana's specter
2x lone missionary
1x lowland oaf
1x loxodon warhammer
1x magma phoenix
2x master decoy
1x mind control
2x mind sculpt
1x mindmoil
1x mire's toll
1x moment of heroism
24x mountain
3x murder
4x nature's lore
2x nightguard patrol
2x oblivion ring
1x overrun
3x pacifism
1x peace strider
2x pearl medallion
25x plains
3x prey upon
1x primal bellow
2x primal huntbeast
1x primalcrux
1x primordial sage
1x prodigal pyromancer
2x public execution
2x pyre charger
1x rage reflection
2x raging goblin
1x rain of embers
2x raise the alarm
2x reckless one
1x recurring insight
2x ring of evos isle
2x ring of kalonia
2x ring of thune
2x ring of valkas
2x ring of xathrid
1x rise from the grave
1x rite of replication
4x roaring primadox
2x ruby medallion
2x rummaging goblin
1x rune-scarred demon
1x safe passage
2x sapphire medallion
4x searing spear
1x seize the initiative
3x sentinel spider
2x seraph of dawn
1x serra ascendant
2x servant of nefarox
2x shock
1x siege-gang commander
2x sign in blood
1x silent arbiter
1x skarrgan firebird
3x skywinder drake
1x sleep
3x sleight of hand
1x slith ascendant
2x solemn offering
2x soul warden
1x sphinx-bone wand
2x squadron hawk
1x stingerfling spider
25x swamp
4x Talrand’s Invocation
2x taunting elf
1x telemin performance
1x tendrils of corruption
1x terastodon
1x terra stomper
2x thornweald archer
3x thought scour
1x thragtusk
2x timbermaw larva
2x torch fiend
2x tormented soul
1x underworld dreams
1x vampire nighthawk
3x vedalken entrancer
2x veilborn ghoul
1x visions of beyond
2x warpath ghoul
1x wheel and deal
1x whispersilk cloak
1x white sun's zenith
1x wild pair
1x wildheart invoker
1x wolfbriar elemental
2x wood elves
1x wurmweaver coil
1x xathrid gorgon
2x yeva’s Forcemage

Planeswalker 2013 Deck Pack Expansion

3 x Ant Queen
3 x Arc Lightning
1 x Archangel
1 x Archive Trap
2 x Archon of Justice
1 x Arms Dealer
1 x Asceticism
3 x Ashenmoor Gouger
2 x Ashenmoor Liege
2 x Auramancer
2 x Auratouched Mage
2 x Avatar of Discord
1 x Avatar of Slaughter
1 x Avatar of Woe
2 x Aven Fleetwing
2 x Aven Mimeomancer
1 x Baneslayer Angel
1 x Basilisk Collar
1 x Beacon of Destruction
1 x Beacon of Destruction
1 x Beacon of Immortality
2 x Beastmaster Ascension
2 x Befoul
2 x Behemoth Sledge
2 x Bellowing Tanglewurm
1 x Biorhythm
1 x Biorhythym
2 x Bituminous Blast
1 x Blanchwood Armor
1 x Blaze
1 x Blazing Specter
2 x Blightning
2 x Blood Artist
2 x Blood Cultist
2 x Bloodchief Ascension
2 x Bloodflow Connoisseur
1 x Body Double
1 x Boundless Realms
3 x Breaking Point
2 x Briarpack Alpha
2 x Caller of the Claw
2 x Capricious Efreet
1 x Captain of the Watch
1 x Captain’s Call
1 x Carven Caryatid
1 x Cathedral of War
2 x Celestial Ancient
1 x Celestial Mantle
1 x Chameleon Colossus
1 x Chancellor of the Forge
2 x Chancellor of the Spires
1 x Chandra’s Fury
1 x Chandra's Outrage
1 x Chandra's Phoenix
1 x Chandra's Spitfire
2 x Chaos Warp
2 x Chastise
2 x Civic Wayfinder
1 x Clone
3 x Compulsive Research
2 x Cone of Flame
1 x Conquering Manticore
2 x Consume Strength
2 x Creakwood Liege
2 x Crippling Chill
1 x Crusader of Odric
2 x Cultivate
1 x Dark Heart of the Wood
2 x Darklit Gargoyle
2 x Dauntless Escort
1 x Dawn Elemental
2 x Day of Judgment
1 x Daybreak Coronet
1 x Death Mutation
1 x Deathbringer Liege
1 x Deathbringer Thoctar
1 x Deathgreeter
1 x Debtors' Knell
1 x Defiler of Souls
3 x Demigod of Revenge
2 x Diabolic Edict
1 x Din of the Fireherd
1 x Disaster Radius
1 x Divinity of Pride
1 x Djinn of Wishes
2 x Dominus of Fealty
1 x Dragon Hatchling
1 x Drake Umbra
2 x Dread Warlock
1 x Dreamborn Muse
2 x Drooling Groodion
1 x Earthquake
1 x Eel Umbra
1 x Elderscale Wurm
2 x Electrolyze
1 x Elgaud Inquisitor
1 x Elite Vanguard
2 x Elixir of Immortality
2 x Elvish Skysweeper
1 x Elvish Visionary
1 x Empyrial Armor
1 x Epic Proportions
2 x Erratic Portal
1 x Eternal Witness
4 x Evolving Wilds
1 x Exsanguinate
1 x Exsanguinate
2 x Fangren Firstborn
1 x Fauna Shaman
1 x Felidar Sovereign
2 x Fire Servant
1 x Fireblast
1 x Firewing Phoenix
2 x Fists of Ironwood
1 x Flamebreak
3 x Flames of the Blood Hand
3 x Flickerwisp
2 x Followed Footsteps
1 x Fool's Demise
2 x Garruk's Companion
1 x Garruk's Packleader
1 x Geist-Honored Monk
1 x Gempalm Incinerator
1 x Gift of Granite
1 x Gleancrawler
1 x Glorious Anthem
3 x Go for the Throat
2 x Goblin Balloon Brigade
1 x Goblin Bushwhacker
1 x Goblin Chieftain
2 x Goblin Deathraiders
1 x Goblin Dynamo
1 x Goblin Fireslinger
1 x Goblin Goon
1 x Goblin Grenade
1 x Goblin Guide
1 x Goblin Offensive
1 x Goblin Piledriver
1 x Goblin Ringleader
1 x Godhead of Awe
1 x Golgari Germination
1 x Grand Arbiter Augustin IV
1 x Grave Pact
1 x Grave Titan
2 x Greater Good
2 x Griffin Guide
1 x Grindclock
1 x Griselbrand
2 x Guardian Seraph
1 x Guardians of Akrasa
1 x Guardians' Pledge
1 x Halo Hunter
1 x Hanna, Ship's Navigator
1 x Heat Shimmer
2 x Hedron Crab
2 x Hellhole Rats
1 x Herd Gnarr
1 x Hero of Bladehold
2 x Hissing Iguanar
1 x Hoard-Smelter Dragon
1 x Honor of the Pure
1 x Howl of the Night Pack
4 x Icy Manipulator
1 x Incremental Blight
1 x Incremental Growth
3 x Indestructibility
1 x Inferno Titan
1 x Infest
1 x Infiltrator's Magemark
1 x Innocent Blood
1 x Insurrection
2 x Intangible Virtue
1 x Intrepid Hero
3 x Invisible Stalker
2 x Invoke the Firemind
1 x Isleback Spawn
1 x Isleback Spawn
2 x Izzet Chronarch
1 x Jace’s Phantasm
2 x Jade Mage
2 x Jayemdae Tome
2 x Journey to Nowhere
2 x Juniper Order Ranger
1 x Kaervek the Merciless
1 x Khalni Hydra
3 x Knight of Glory
2 x Knight of Infamy
2 x Knight of Meadowgrain
2 x Knotvine Paladin
4 x Kor Spiritdancer
1 x Krenko, Mob Boss
1 x Krenko's Command
1 x Lavafume Invoker
2 x Leatherback Baloth
2 x Leonin Armorguard
1 x Lifelink
2 x Lightning Elemental
2 x Liliana’s Shade
2 x Living Inferno
2 x Lord of Extinction
2 x Lowland Oaf
2 x Loxodon Hierarch
1 x Loyal Sentry
1 x Lurking Predators
1 x Lyzolda, the Blood Witch
2 x Maelstrom Pulse
1 x Magma Phoenix
1 x Malfegor
2 x Mammoth Umbra
3 x Mana Leak
1 x Manaplasm
1 x Mark of Asylum
1 x Mass Calcify
1 x Master Decoy
3 x Master of the Wild Hunt
1 x Mausoleum Guard
1 x Midnight Guard
2 x Midnight Haunting
1 x Mighty Leap
2 x Mind Control
2 x Mind Rot
1 x Mind Sculpt
1 x Mindwrack Liege
1 x Mitotic Slime
1 x Moment of Heroism
2 x Momentous Fall
2 x Mortivore
1 x Murder
1 x Mutilate
1 x Nantuko Shade
2 x Narcolepsy
1 x Natural Order
1 x Nefarox, Overlord of Grixis
1 x Nekrataal
1 x Nemata, Grove Guardian
2 x Nested Ghoul
2 x Nightguard Patrol
1 x Nightmare
1 x Nightmare Incursion
1 x Nightwing Shade
1 x Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind
1 x No Mercy
1 x Nomad Mythmaker
1 x Novablast Wurm
2 x Obsidian Fireheart
2 x Ocular Halo
1 x Odric, Master Tactician
2 x Onyx Mage
1 x Ophidian Eye
2 x Oracle of Mul Daya
2 x Overrun
2 x Pacifism
1 x Pain Magnification
1 x Pale Recluse
2 x Parallel Lives
1 x Pariah
4 x Pelakka Wurm
2 x Pennon Blade
1 x Penumbra Wurm
1 x Pernicious Deed
1 x Pestilence Demon
3 x Petrahydrox
1 x Plague Wind
2 x Pollenbright Wings
1 x Predatory Rampage
1 x Primal Bellow
1 x Primal Surge
1 x Primalcrux
1 x Primeval Titan
1 x Primordial Hydra
1 x Primordial Sage
3 x Prophetic Bolt
2 x Prosperity
1 x Puca's Mischief
1 x Purity
2 x Qasali Pridemage
1 x Quicksilver Dagger
1 x Rakdos the Defiler
1 x Rampaging Baloths
1 x Rancor
2 x Ravenous Rats
2 x Razorfin Hunter
2 x Reanimate
1 x Recumbent Bliss
2 x Red Sun's Zenith
1 x Reiver Demon
2 x Relentless Assault
1 x Reverberate
1 x Rhox Faithmender
1 x Rise from the Grave
2 x Rockslide Elemental
1 x Rummaging Goblin
1 x Sands of Delirium
1 x Scalpelexis
2 x Scavenger Drake
1 x Schismotivate
2 x Scion of the Wild
2 x Scute Mob
3 x Searing Blaze
3 x Selesnya Evangel
3 x Selesnya Guildmage
1 x Seraph of Dawn
2 x Serra Ascendant
2 x Sewer Nemesis
2 x Sigil Blessing
1 x Sigil of Distinction
1 x Sigil of the Empty Throne
1 x Silent Arbiter
2 x Silklash Spider
2 x Singe-Mind Ogre
1 x Slith Ascendant
2 x Smelt
1 x Solemn Offering
2 x Sootstoke Kindler
1 x Soul Warden
1 x Sovereigns of Lost Alara
1 x Spectral Rider
2 x Spellbound Dragon
1 x Sphinx of Jwar Isle
2 x Spirit Mantle
1 x Spirit of the Hearth
2 x Spiritmonger
1 x Spiteflame Witch
1 x Spore Frog
2 x Sprout
1 x Squee, Goblin Nabob
2 x Stabbing Pain
3 x Steamcore Weird
1 x Stingerfling Spider
1 x Sturmgeist
1 x Sublime Archangel
1 x Sun Titan
1 x Swell of Courage
2 x Swiftfoot Boots
1 x Sword of Body and Mind
1 x Sword of Vengeance
4 x Swords to Plowshares
3 x Talon Trooper
3 x Terminate
4 x Terramorphic Expanse
1 x Thragtusk
2 x Three Dreams
2 x Thunder Dragon
2 x Thunder Strike
2 x Thunder-Thrash Elder
1 x Tidings
1 x Timbermaw Larva
1 x Time Warp
1 x Tolsimir Wolfblood
2 x Tome Scour
2 x Totem-Guide Hartebeest
1 x Transluminant
1 x Traumatize
1 x Triclopean Sight
2 x Troll Ascetic
2 x Trophy Hunter
1 x Turn the Tables
2 x Typhoid Rats
1 x Ulvenwald Tracker
1 x Underworld Dreams
2 x Unmake
2 x Unsummon
1 x Vengevine
1 x Verdeloth the Ancient
2 x Vexing Devil
1 x Vindicate
2 x Viridian Emissary
1 x Visions of Beyond
3 x Volcanic Geyser
1 x Voracious Dragon
3 x Vulturous Zombie
1 x Wall of Reverence
2 x Wand of the Elements
1 x Warren Instigator
4 x Wee Dragonauts
1 x Well of Lost Dreams
1 x Whispersilk Cloak
2 x Wild Pair
1 x Wildheart Invoker
2 x Wilt-Leaf Liege
2 x Windborne Charge
2 x Winds of Rath
1 x Wood Elves
3 x Wrecking Ball
1 x Yavimaya Dryad
4 x Yavimaya Elder
1 x Yeva, Nature's Herald

Planeswalker 2014 Deck Pack Expansion


Lord of the Pit x1

Lord of the Void x1

Banefire x2

Bloodgift Demon x2

Caller of the Claw x1

Char x3

Charmbreaker Devils x2

Elvish Vanguard x1

Giltspire Avenger x1

Glory of Warfare x1

Immaculate Magistrate x2

Joraga Warcaller x1

Martial Coup x1

Mortician Beetle x1

Oathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho x1

Ryusei, the Falling Star x1

Takenom Samurai General x1

Voice of the Woods x1

Yosei, the Morning Star x1

Bant Charm x3

Behemoth Sledge x1

Electrolyze x2

Gempalm Strider x2

Harrowing Journey x2

Heedless One x3

Indebted Samurai x2

Lead the stampede x3

Lightning Helix x2

Nagao, Bound by Honor x1

No-Dachi x2

Onyx Mage x4

Opportunity x2

Remand x4

Rhox Charger x3

Ronin Warclub x1

Skyward Eye Prophets x2

Soot Imp x2

Sulfurous Blast x4

Sylvan Messenger x3

Triumph of Cruelty x2

Akrasan Squire x4

Araba Mothrider x3

Battle-Mad Ronin x4

Aven Squire x2

Brute Force x2

Call to Glory x1

Cancel x2

Compulsive Research x3

Court Archers x3

Deft Duelist x2

Devoted Retainer x4

Diabolic Edict x3

Doom Blade x2

Double Cleave x2

Elvish Branchbender x3

Essence Warden x2

Festering Goblin x2

Foul Imp x4

Gladecover Scout x1

Gleam of Resistance x2

Guardians of Akrasa

Kil Fiend x4

Kitsune Blademaster x4

Leonin Armorguard x1

Mothrider Samurai x2

Nissa's Chosen x3

Qasali Pridemage x3

Renegade Demon x3

Searing Spear x3

Sigil Blessing x3

Soulcage Fiend x4

Spire Tracer x2

Taunting Elf x2

Tendrils of Corruption x2

Thoughtbind x2

Terramorphic Expanse x11

Timberwatch Elf x3

Waveskimmer Aven x2

Wee Dragonauts x2

Wellwisher x2


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