4th Edition PoL Person Place and Thing index

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I really like the PoL stuff, but it's a little fragmented and all over the place. I'm sure WotC wants to keep the fluff in the books for revenue, but is there anyway we could start an index on one of these forums?

I am losing track of all the Gods and where I find the information about each of them. It took me forever to remember that some great info on "he who was" was in that early article on the Lord of Imps. Categories I would be interested in indexing would be:

Gods and their Exarchs
Dead Gods (He who was, the old goddess of winter, that corpse in the astral sea)
Archfey (Tiandra, Maiden of the Moon, Prince of Hearts)
Primal Spirits
Named Heroes
All Info about Nerath, Bael Turath, and Arkhosia
Planar locations that are spread through the different Manual of the Planes


Just maybe a name, a single sentence description, and a comprehensive list of pages in the different books and magazines they are from.