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I was hoping to put this through as a PM, but I can't, so I'll do it publically. 

I've been really impressed by ImnotJesus' attitude on what have occasionally been rather fractious forums. He has engaged with everyone and the presence of the author both in this Encounter and the previous adventure has really added to the experience. 

I love the adventure so far as a concept, and if I had bought it to run with my usual group it would have been memorable and entertaining.

OTOH, the requirements for a Encounter series of adventures are different, and I think both Wizards and the D&D community are beginning to work out what they are. Unfortunately for the authors and Wizards, no-one knew at the time they were being written/planned - I suspect everyone would have done things differently if they could go back in time (I would have bought more Alpha MTG, for instanceSmile )

Here's my tuppence worth:

Player groups often vary from week to week, and this doesn't fit well with the bookkeeping for the expected D&D game - a session usually finishes with an extended rest; when it doesn't, particularly if the players are changing as well, it's messy and difficult. Dailies/healing surges, och, you know what I'm saying.

I'm not sure how to address this. Should we have an episodic campaign where each session is based around a single epic encounter - allowing extended rests, switching characters etc? Of course the power level of characters when they can nova every week is greater - but I think it is worth considering as a better option than 4-5 encounters without a reset button. Even a two week reset would help a lot.  

Pregens - excellent idea. Should help new players, and also really help with balance issues. OTOH - if you are making nonpowergamed pregens we need to ensure they are facing suitable challenges - I think the disconnect between author of the scenario and Encounter editors shows here. 

So, tl, dr. Please keep going with Encounters, but please learn from the first two to make them genuinely pick up and play for both players and DMs...
Thanks for the note, Woodscanner. There are several challenges inherent to the DDE program, and that's why feedback on these forums is so valuable. It's also why the authors have been invited to participate in the discussion. We want to help make our stories better and correct mistakes we've made in design and development. Also, i think it's good for the community of players to understand that these adventures are written by real, fallible people who share a love for D&D.

Thanks again. 
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