Best cleric/druid spells for a monk/HW

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My character is a Monk2/Ranger3/Horizon Walker9/Jaunter4 (jaunter is a class that gives lots of teleportation powers). He specializes in a large number of attacks (flurry + twf) and getting full attacks by using quickened travel powers.

A lot of people on this board suggested I spend my epic levels as a cleric. They also mentioned Ardent as a possibility, and I'm pretty taken with Fist of Zelatar (or whatever Z name it is). The problem with that one is that it only goes up to 5th level powers, and has no way to get higher-level powers other than epic feats.

If I go for cleric, I'd mainly focus on self-buff spells, and swift/immediate spells. Looking at the Player's Handbook, I don't see anything all that exciting until Divine Power at 4th level. We are allowed to use the Spell Compendium and Complete Divine though.

What are some cleric spells I should be looking at? Or are the druid options better? Or is psionic the way to go for the style I'm looking for? Or is there already a guide for this on the boards?

Your spellcasting is going to be pathetic, no matter which option you choose. Honestly, I'd just stick a few ranks in Use Magic Device, get an item to boost your checks, and use magic items to get whatever spells you want. In Epic money shouldn't be a problem, so you can burn through them like crazy and not even care.

If you could go with Ur-Priest or some other fast-progression class, it might be worth it, though.
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