A formal apology

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Well I just heard the other day about what happened with Extended and even though I dont play it, I felt a little kick in the balls because of it. I would like to say that im sorry for your loss of a crap ton of money that you have invested in your cards over the years. My heart goes out especially to those who have decided to jump in right before this change was called. I too have known the loss of a large investment after you just made it and it sure as hell sucks. I would like to have a moment of silence inremembrance of the lost souls once known as staples in the format.

Thank you. I know it means alot to them. In this time of great loss I would like to point out a sliver of hope. Wizards has said in the past that they enjoy the interaction of shocklands and fetches being in the same format. So I think we have a high probability of seeing them in the near future. My guess is that they will debut the set prior to Zendikar being kicked out of standard. I wouldnt go dumping them just yet if I were you. Once again though I would like to offer my condolences.
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